Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Return to Sender" The Shelf

This little shelf has a funny little story. Back in December my sister and brother-in-law had come down for a visit. As they were unloading the car of their luggage, gifts and accessories, they also unloaded items my parents had asked them to send us. First were my birthday gifts, then their old microwave to replace our even older microwave, and then a dirty old red shelf (no before pictures because I deleted all of my January pictures, grrrrr). I was aware of the first two items being sent, but didn’t realize they were sending us an old shelf. My husband saw it sitting on a chair out in the garage and quickly responded “What in the H*ll is this?? Put it back in the car and mark it RETURN TO SENDER.” My sister and I laughed at his funny joke, but to hubby it was no joking matter- he was serious!! He knows me, he knows my parents…we are all PACK-RATS and do not throw anything away. He also knows I am a procrastinator with lofty goals, and knew this dirty old shelf would probably sit in our garage for 3 years before anything happened to it.

It probably would have stayed in it's condition forever if it was not for the fact I have a sweet little girl with lots of trinkets in her room. I decided a great "free" project was to paint the shelf with the leftover paint from her room. So there you have it another project is formed!!!

3 months later this shelf is hanging up in her room! This was an excellent painting project for the two of us. She loves projects with mommy.

(no this was not staged, yes I let her paint in stockings and a dress, yes I did supervisor the whole time)

Finished and Up on the Wall!!
I wanted you to see how the shelf matches the trim in her room. Not the best picture but it does look really cute in her room)

Procrastination Time: This shelf was actually in my mom’s bedroom as a child. It was never in my bedroom but her bedroom (exactly why it wasn't in my room I am not sure). So, if you include all the time it was sitting in an attic or a garage or has been needing some love it would be about 40 years!!! However, if you just include the time I had it 3 months (not too bad)

Pack-rat: EVERYTHING! The shelf was my moms, and the paint was left over from the trim, polyurethane leftover from a previous project

Costs: Free

Verdict: The shelf was NOT “Returned to Sender”, I love this in her room, and my mom will be so happy that this shelf is now hanging in her grand-daughter’s room. Sometimes it pays to be a pack rat!! Thanks Mom!!
Now that I have finished one painting project and the weather is gettting nice I have the painting bug!! Another blogger Jen R. at Sactuary Art has really motivated me!! She does some awesome painting on furniture. Next post I will really open up on all of the painting projects I have procrastinated on. There are a lot of them...


Katie said...

I love it, love how you made it workable for you! We got a hand me down shelf too and it sat in our basement for over a year. Then when I got sticker shock when looking for a little shelf for in my bathroom I decided to have DH give it a spary paint makeover. I love how it came out and it saved us some moola!

Xazmin said...

It looks adorable! I also love Jen R.'s stuff!