Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mod Podge Mania- I am hooked!!

I am adding this to Thrifty Decor Chick Goodwill Party!! This is one of my favorite projects and had to add it!!
I just started using Mod Podge last week and now this week I think it is the GREATEST invention EVER!!! It is so much fun using this stuff, my mind keeps on racing on all of the wonderful things I can make.

This week I am participating in Xazmin's Mod Podge Mania. I wanted to something other then my "F" and I couldn't do my eggs because I stole that idea from Xazmin. Last week I saw at Jen R's Sanctuary's Art Home Make-over this wonderful project from Blue Castle. I was immediately in love with the sconces. She did an awesome job and they are on sale at her Etsy store. Inspired by Blue Castle, I knew what I was looking for when I went thrifting (first time doing this in years).

What I wasn't expecting was to find the EXACT sconce she had made-over. I was as GIDDY as school girl. It was $1.99 and in perfect condition. I couldn't wait to get home to start 'creating.' I also picked up a long narrow black frame. I am ashamed to say my daughter picked it out and said "Mommy, this is black, it will look good in our house" She knows me too well and she is 3!!

So that evening, I disassembled the sconces using my husbands ratchet set, I had never used that before (I am woman hear me Roar!!) and spray painted both pieces a flat black.

Then added the remaining scrapbook paper from the "F" to the back of the sconce. I had a candle 'thingy' I bought at Target for 75% off (about 3 years ago),because I had to have it. Here is the finished results.


For my third Mod Podge Experiment this is perfect!! Thank you Blue Castle for the inspiration.

Now I have decided the sconce and the "F" are going in my dining room. I just need to figure out how to arrange things. Please help!! Here is the dining room area.

Before I start putting a bunch of holes in the wall (& tick off my hubby) I thought I would arrange things on the floor.

Arrangement #1:

Arrangement #2: (with the black long frame my daughter said would be nice in our home)

Arrangement #3

Arrangement #4

If the only thing you noticed is all the fingerprints please scroll back up and look past my imperfections!! Now tell me which one would look best!! I will post the results later this week.

Costs: $1.99 Sconce , black frame $5

Pack-Rat: The Candle 'thingy' no idea what that is called.


EDIT: I picked arrangement #4. Go here to check it out!!

Thanks Xazmin for hosting Mod Podge Mania. This was fun!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

A Week of Trial- Mod Podge

I have not been as "crafty" as I would normally like to be. My son was sick on Monday with an ear infection. Then my daughter, the best helper in the world, was sick yesterday, so everyone needed some extra attention. Not that I mind at all, it just made it harder to getting my work (that pays me) done, then my crafting time or "me time" was very limited.

This is one of the things I made this week.

I was very inspired by some wonderful crafters this week and I thought I would try to decoupage a wooden letter this week. Katie's Nesting Place has a wonderful tutorial on how to Mod Podge scrapbook paper to wooden letters. I have never done this before and it was a good thing my "helper" was asleep, because there were some curse words used & some blood shed. I was persistent but wow, these are harder then they look.
My first attempt bubbled, ripped, and just looked awful. (Edit: COMPLETE USER ERROR not because of the tutorial, Katie's instructions are wonderful) I got out the razor blade and ripped it all off (hence the blood shed). I sanded it all down and started again. Thank goodness these sheets were 5/$1.00 at Joann's this week or I would of been even madder!!!
Costs: $1.99 for Letter, $0.40 for paper (should of been $0.20, oh well) = $2.50
I am happy with the results. I had planned to put this on the wall going up the stairs above the large signature frame, but now I am not so sure. I am now thinking my black and white dining room. Once I decide I will post pictures.

Kudos to all the women who Mod Podge all of the time because there is an art to it, and it takes plenty of patience. Two things I seem to lack!! As the old saying goes "Practice Makes Perfect" and I am not giving up because I plan on making a "W" and "L" for the doors of my kids room. Then with the extra scrapbook paper from this project I am going to make some more eggs!! I love that project from Xazmin.

Also, I wanted to share with you one of my best friend's post on her home projects. She did 4 projects for $6. They look wonderful!! I am going to steal her collage idea. Go over to see the wonderful projects Heather has completed!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Trash to Treasure- Fruit Basket

Today I am excited to be participating in Sanctuary Arts Make-Over Open House. I was hoping to finish some nagging painting projects, but the weather has been to yucky (excuse), and I haven't had time (worse excuse). Then I had another idea one day while working on the computer at the kitchen table. I got inspired when I saw this...

This poor pathetic excuse for a fruit basket needed help in the worst kind of way. This, of course, is a clementines box. (I really have a hard time throwing things away) I learned from my grandma "waste not, want not" Well, I needed a fruit basket and in this corner of the kitchen it really works because it doesn't take up a lot of space, so why throw it away!! It is just ugly.

I got inspired to make it beautiful. With my best helper at hand we got to work. First we painted the inside and wood corners black (my favorite color).
Then I used remnants of wallpaper, from my guest bathroom, and cut to size to cover the side boards (scrapbook paper would work great too.) Then I "antiqued" this Maridith Style-I did not have glaze, but I did have water. I watered down American Tradition Nutmeg paint and coated it on the paper and wiped off quickly.
It worked out great (I was a little surprised). Then I put 2 coats of sealer on everything. I put shelf gripper on the bottom and here you have it.... My new fruit basket!!

Special thanks to my little helper!!
Thanks to Jen R. from Sanctuary Art for hosting this event. This was FUN!!! Maybe next month I will finish a painting project!

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Finished Front Door

Wow, I thought I would never be able to write this post, but our front door is FINISHED!! And decorated with my Spring Wreath. Check out my old post on this silly door!!

With a little bit of encouragement from my 3 1/2yr old "Mommy, I have a good I idea how about we paint the front door?" when asked what project she would like to do in the afternoon. Thank God she does not seem to be the procrastinator like myself!!

So Friday afternoon, I put on the 5th coat of paint. Then Saturday hubby put on the 6th coat, cleaned it up, added the hardware and we are FINISHED!! Is it perfect? No way. It is 20+ years old. It really need to be thrown away but it is not in the budget to buy a new glass door. So in the mean time, I love the results!!

Why is it when you finish a project it is never really complete? I am thinking now I need new light fixtures, but that will have to wait too...darn! Maybe I will PAINT THEM!! Gee Wiz, how long would that take me??? Then there are flower pots & flowers to make this area nice a warm! Oh will I ever really be done?

Here is the breakdown on the front door.

Procrastination time: I got the paint in October, never put the first coat on until December and it is finished at the END of March= 6 months. Bad, very very bad!!

Cost: 2 quarts of red paint. Why two? The first one was bubble gum pink, (yuck!) $26, 1 quart of tinted primer $14, new screws $5. Total: $45

Verdict: I am happy with it, but I will not be painting anything red anytime soon. It is a pain in the tail!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Part 2- Easter Decorations with Zero Dollars

This project has been done 100 times over but I wanted to share with you my new Dining Room Center Piece!! I LOVE IT!! I love everything black and white, if I could, I would decorate my whole house black and white!

Keep in mind this project cost me ZERO DOLLARS!! I searched my craft bins, the great outdoors, and recycled some other material. Just be creative!!

Step 1: I got some old pastel Easter eggs with holes on the top and tied some string through them.

Step 2: Painted them with a light coat of white spray paint. I wanted to still see the pastel color! Note: Do this on a non-humid day it will drip!

Step 3: When dry get creative in decorating them. I wanted a theme of black and white so I found ribbon, black paint, black glitter & buttons in my craft bins.

All my crafty stuff (ha, I wish, this is only 1/8 of all my crafty stuff)

Some samples:

Step 4: Take a little nature walk to find the perfect limb. I went to a local park with a friend and found this guy (on the ground, don't cut a tree branch off!)

Step 5: Spray Paint tree branch white

Step 6: Once dry bring everything inside and put it all together!
I had an old arrangement with fake flowers that I have had for years. I loved the container but the flowers did nothing for me. So I cut the fake flowers out of the arrangement (this was the hardest part) luckily I didn't lose a finger!!

Step 7: To cover the moss (dusty & yucky) I cut up some wrapping paper in strips and crumpled it up to cover the bottom.

Step 8: Trim tree branch. I actually used two tree branches to get the fullness I needed.

Step 9: I placed this arrangement on a mirror and put crystals on the mirror (removed from a dress my grandma wore as Mrs Delaware) See picture above!

Enjoy your arrangement!! My daughter, of course, helped me decorate all of the eggs!!

If you read my previous post you know I had green eggs on my dining room chandelier. I moved them to the foyer chandelier and they look great!!! (just don't look at the dust, something has to give when you spend your free time being creative)

In these hard economic times you do not have to stop being crafty because of Zero Dollars in the budget!! Just get MORE creative, challenge yourself to make something out of nothing!! Have fun!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Decorating for Easter for Zero Dollars

Now that it is the day after St. Patrick's Day I am ready to decorate for Easter!

Hubby and I did our semi-monthly review of the budget (fun conversation) and it was decided that there was zero dollars for Easter Decorations. One year ago I would of gotten ticked-off at this conclusion, but today being a SAHM with part-time income, and knowing our budget outline, I decided to take it as a challenge rather then get mad (I am growing up). Challenge: decorate the house for Easter with the stuff in my home.

I love a good challenge so Lawson and I quickly got started! I have a very eager daughter who loves "projects" it makes it so much fun!!! My little guy wanted to get in on the action as well, he got all of the eggs together. Great work buddy!!

The first one was mod podging some Easter eggs. I got the idea from Xazmin's This is the Year post. With her eggs she used scrapbook paper. I don't scrapbook so there was no scrapbook paper around. Being as resourceful as I can, decided to use wrapping paper. So here is what we used: Plastic Eggs (recycled from previous Easters, wrapping paper, paint brush & mod podge. All supplies in my home.

Then we cut the wrapping paper into small pieces and layered them on the egg. Warning: Flat paper onto oval object takes patience!!

I used them in this arrangement. It could use some more eggs but it isn't Easter yet- there is still time.

On the chandelier.

And to Lawson's request we did this giant egg. I thought it looked good here.

Then, out of the Easter box I pulled out some hand towels. I remembered I had some pom-pom trim that my daughter had removed from her window shades. (see the glue residue on the trim?)

So I ripped off as much glue as I could from the trim and sewed them onto the hand towel. What was old is NEW AGAIN!!

When my daughter saw this in the bathroom later she said "Mommy this looks beautiful and beautiful" Hubby would of never noticed! It is so nice to have a girl around who appreciates beautiful things!!!
All of these projects combined, including the spring wreath, before I knew we had $0 dollars for Easter Decorations, I have spent $6. I guess there will be no bow on the wreath this year!!

I am still working on another arrangement for my dining room. I am thinking black & white! I love all things black & white (if you notice my bathroom & dining room). Stay tuned- it will cost me nothing.

Sandy at Shop*A*Holic Mom is having a give-away for some beautiful children's clothes. Stop on over there!!

Lastly, I got my give-away package from Jill and her daughter. I feel so loved. She gave me "Holiday Enteraining for Dummies" it is as if she really knows me!!! haha!! Thank you!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Procrastinated Painting Projects

I am going to list some of my painting projects that I've procrastinated on WAY TOO LONG!!

Did I mention before my parents are pack-rats and I got it honestly? Well most of the items below came from my parents home. We don't throw ANYTHING AWAY!! Which isn't a bad thing. Why throw something away with some type of value, right??? It just means to keep these items in your home they have to be rejuvenated to match your home decor, which means there is always a lingering "project."

Below is a desk that belonged to my paternal grandmother, then it was my sewing desk in high school, and now sits in my garage waiting to go into my daughter's bedroom.

No idea where this actually came from, but got it from my parents house.

My mom's aunts table, she was going to throw it away but my mom claimed it. She never painted it, and now it sits in my house waiting to be painted (again).

Children's table and chairs gone wrong (from Ikea). I can admit it! I am really hoping to one day enter this into Sanctuary Art's Open House one day. But it needs a MAJOR OVERHAUL before I do that! This table and chair project has truly stumped me (for about 3 years)!! I thought I was going to make it multi-functional with chalkboard paint, but it just doesn't work for me and looks really bad!! Now I am thinking something simple, but just don't know what. Do you have any suggestions? I really need some-HELP!!

I included a picture of my kitchen decor so you can see what I am working with.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Easter Pillowcase Dress- For Sale

I have decided to share the cuteness and sale 5 of these Pillowcase Easter Dresses. If you are interested in buying your daughter/niece/grand-daughter/god-child/friend one of these sweet little pillowcase dresses contact me at procrastinator.crafter@gmail.com. I am selling them for $18 including shipping (continental US only).

Here are the finished measurements of the dress. (this is measured from shoulders to bottom of dress):

6 mo. - 13" long
12 mo. - 15" long
18-24 mo. - 17" long
2T -19" long
3T - 21" long
4T - 23" long
5 - 25" long
6 - 27" long

I realize I am "the procrastinator crafter", but when it comes to financial transactions I am "johnny-on-the-spot" I promise!! The winner, Katie, of my give away has already been mailed her dress and I hope she is a happy camper!!

Let me know if you are interested!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I won, I won!!

I won a give away during the SITS Spring Give Away. I could not be more excited!! My first time winning anything on-line (and it being for real). It was from Jill's Believe it or Not. I won a book! The way I was chosen was super cool (love your daughter's fashion style!) Her daughter and my daughter go to the same fashion school! I will admit I am not the biggest reader but I would like to start. This might be my turning point. Plus, she emailed me and told me her daughter was adding something special. So sweet!! Thank you to Jill and Heather and Tiffany from the The SITS Girls. What a great way to spend a Tuesday!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Return to Sender" The Shelf

This little shelf has a funny little story. Back in December my sister and brother-in-law had come down for a visit. As they were unloading the car of their luggage, gifts and accessories, they also unloaded items my parents had asked them to send us. First were my birthday gifts, then their old microwave to replace our even older microwave, and then a dirty old red shelf (no before pictures because I deleted all of my January pictures, grrrrr). I was aware of the first two items being sent, but didn’t realize they were sending us an old shelf. My husband saw it sitting on a chair out in the garage and quickly responded “What in the H*ll is this?? Put it back in the car and mark it RETURN TO SENDER.” My sister and I laughed at his funny joke, but to hubby it was no joking matter- he was serious!! He knows me, he knows my parents…we are all PACK-RATS and do not throw anything away. He also knows I am a procrastinator with lofty goals, and knew this dirty old shelf would probably sit in our garage for 3 years before anything happened to it.

It probably would have stayed in it's condition forever if it was not for the fact I have a sweet little girl with lots of trinkets in her room. I decided a great "free" project was to paint the shelf with the leftover paint from her room. So there you have it another project is formed!!!

3 months later this shelf is hanging up in her room! This was an excellent painting project for the two of us. She loves projects with mommy.

(no this was not staged, yes I let her paint in stockings and a dress, yes I did supervisor the whole time)

Finished and Up on the Wall!!
I wanted you to see how the shelf matches the trim in her room. Not the best picture but it does look really cute in her room)

Procrastination Time: This shelf was actually in my mom’s bedroom as a child. It was never in my bedroom but her bedroom (exactly why it wasn't in my room I am not sure). So, if you include all the time it was sitting in an attic or a garage or has been needing some love it would be about 40 years!!! However, if you just include the time I had it 3 months (not too bad)

Pack-rat: EVERYTHING! The shelf was my moms, and the paint was left over from the trim, polyurethane leftover from a previous project

Costs: Free

Verdict: The shelf was NOT “Returned to Sender”, I love this in her room, and my mom will be so happy that this shelf is now hanging in her grand-daughter’s room. Sometimes it pays to be a pack rat!! Thanks Mom!!
Now that I have finished one painting project and the weather is gettting nice I have the painting bug!! Another blogger Jen R. at Sactuary Art has really motivated me!! She does some awesome painting on furniture. Next post I will really open up on all of the painting projects I have procrastinated on. There are a lot of them...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Drum Roll Please...

And the winner is....


A beautiful Easter Pillowcase Dress will be delivered to her soon!! Congratulations!! I wish I could of picked more. I appreciate everyones' sweet comments. Hope you all won something cool from some of the other great give aways today.

I don't know about you but I had a blast entering into all of the SITS Spring Fling Give Aways!! Probably spent to much time on the computer but it was for a good cause!! Hope I won something!!

I told you about my weekend projects. Well, on Monday (the weekend was too beautiful and my hubby and I did yard work while the kids took naps) I finished up my Spring wreath. I told you I am not a florist but my budget tells me "You can do it, Maridith"

Here is the finished product on my back door. A little forsythia heavy on the bottom but you know what I am NOT perfect. I did add the sign in the middle. One blogger commented the "Spring" sign was a too Easter-y. I totally agree but since my front door is still not done (hubby is working on it), this wreath might not be up until Easter. Plus, if my front door did get done before Easter this is a 2 for one deal.

I am thinking my wreath needs a bow...What color would you do? My door WILL be red one day. Any suggestions?

Procrastination Time: Considering this was a motivation tactic that didn't work- ZERO

Pack-Rat: All of the Forsythia flowers are from an old arrangement

Cost: Grape vine wreath $4, Spring Sign $2, Forsythia - Recycled, Total: $6 If I add a bow it will probably double in costs.

Time: Less then 30 minutes.

Verdict: Way easier then I thought it would be. I just inserted the forsythia branches around the grape vine wreath. (No cutting required). Then used floral wire (no idea why I have that but it was in my crafting box) to secure it to the forsythia to the wreath and my sign in the middle.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Easter Pillowcase Dress Give Away

Welcome SITS Girls!! So glad you stopped by. Don't you just love give aways? I have to admit I have entered lots of them and have never won but it is fun anyway.

Here is my give-away- An adorable Easter Pillowcase dress made by yours truly. I made one for my daughter and loved it so much I wanted to share the love. Yesterday she did a little modeling for everyone to see. Available is sizes 12M, 18M, 24M, 2T ,3T ,4T ,5T As a 2T it can be used as a Tunic Top for bigger girls.

Love this picture!

Leave your name, email address (if you don't have a blog), and the dress size you will need. If you like my blog go on ahead an Follow Me. If not, that is cool, thanks for stopping in!! I will announce on Wednesday, March 11. I PROMISE I will not procrastinate!!

GOOD LUCK and thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Finished Dress for MIL

Here she is all dressed up in a Maridith original!

Love the accessories!!

And her hubby in a coordinating tie!!

Sorry no pictures of Nicholas Sparks & MIL. No one was taking pictures and my MIL was not going to be the first one to bust out her camera!! MIL says he is so nice and was kind enough to give her some pointers on the book she is writing. This picture will have to do!