Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Drum Roll Please...

And the winner is....


A beautiful Easter Pillowcase Dress will be delivered to her soon!! Congratulations!! I wish I could of picked more. I appreciate everyones' sweet comments. Hope you all won something cool from some of the other great give aways today.

I don't know about you but I had a blast entering into all of the SITS Spring Fling Give Aways!! Probably spent to much time on the computer but it was for a good cause!! Hope I won something!!

I told you about my weekend projects. Well, on Monday (the weekend was too beautiful and my hubby and I did yard work while the kids took naps) I finished up my Spring wreath. I told you I am not a florist but my budget tells me "You can do it, Maridith"

Here is the finished product on my back door. A little forsythia heavy on the bottom but you know what I am NOT perfect. I did add the sign in the middle. One blogger commented the "Spring" sign was a too Easter-y. I totally agree but since my front door is still not done (hubby is working on it), this wreath might not be up until Easter. Plus, if my front door did get done before Easter this is a 2 for one deal.

I am thinking my wreath needs a bow...What color would you do? My door WILL be red one day. Any suggestions?

Procrastination Time: Considering this was a motivation tactic that didn't work- ZERO

Pack-Rat: All of the Forsythia flowers are from an old arrangement

Cost: Grape vine wreath $4, Spring Sign $2, Forsythia - Recycled, Total: $6 If I add a bow it will probably double in costs.

Time: Less then 30 minutes.

Verdict: Way easier then I thought it would be. I just inserted the forsythia branches around the grape vine wreath. (No cutting required). Then used floral wire (no idea why I have that but it was in my crafting box) to secure it to the forsythia to the wreath and my sign in the middle.


Katie said...

Thank you again for making such a cute dress! I really love the fabric you picked out and how bright and colorful it is. I can't wait to get it in the mail and put my kiddo in it!

The wreath is cute too, I like the yellow a lot and it sounds like it wasn't too hard. I'd pick your favorite color from the Spring sign for the ribbon. If you buy it on sale it probably won't be too expensive.

Tanielle said...

Spring Fling was a blast!!! My giveaway is still going on for a little while longer, come on over.

Cute wreath, I love fav color for sure!

Jen r. said...

Love the wreath! it's so springy! Jen

Jill said...

Hello! I just wanted to tell you that you won my book giveaway! I hope you will get to enjoy this book. I never even opened it up but I have heard it's a great book! Enjoy!

Come over to my blog and see how u got picked! :)
Also email me your address so I can get it shipped out to you asap!

Jill :0)