Monday, July 27, 2009

NOT a Kate Spade Purse

A couple of days ago my sister called me and said "I've done something I have never done before...I bought a Kate Spade purse!!" I congratulated her on her purchase and said I would love to see a picture of this purchase. She never emailed me the picture!! So I pretty much have to go with my gut and the Nordstrom website that the purse purse she got either looks like this...

Because it was such a steal during their Anniversary Sale

Or This...

Either way both are beautiful and if she ever wanted to part ways with this, when she gets bored with it, I would I gladly accept!!

Now, I am not the jealous type, especially of my sister, but it dawned on me that I don't know when the last time I bought myself a purse. The purse or tote I am carrying around right now my parents gave to me for Christmas 3-4 years ago & my winter purse is probably the same age. Sad I know!

Anyway, to make amends to my situation I had a couple choices...

A) Buy a Kate Spade Purse and my family not eat for 2 weeks

B) Sulk...(Not my style)

C) Make myself one

If you picked C you are right...

I guess I need some motivation because I had everything I needed to make a purse...remember I am a pack-rat. I just had to put the pieces together and 2 hours of time.

So here is my new purse...


But at ZERO Dollars in this economy & our budget restraints...
I think it is PERFECT and I have a new purse!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Functional is not Always Beautiful

I have to laugh at myself (and my husband) because right now we look like the biggest rednecks!! This summer we decided to plant tomatoes in a pot right by our front walkway. It seemed to be a great idea. It was in full sun and a place where I would remember to water it. PERFECT!! It had produced approximately 10-15 ripe delicious tomatoes. Then we had "the incident."

Here is Lawson with our first ripe tomato.

Here is my son with a tomato or as he calls it "ball" and Lawson so proud of the first harvest. See how beautiful our plant was?

Then it happened. It fell over because of the weight! Now it seems to of taken a life of it's own. See the neon florescent roping to the house??? Classy!

I would of told my husband to rip it up, but here is the is still thriving!! I can't bare to destroy/throw away anything with life in it (just like half the crap in my house)

I counted over 40 green tomatoes on it today, and got 3 red ones off it today!

Oh well, functional is not always beautiful!! It will only be here a couple more months!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Show off your School Pride

Have you missed me? Just lie to me and tell me you noticed I haven't posted in over a week!
I have missed checking out other friends' blogs but it has been nice to be away from the computer for a while and spend my time with family!!

Although I have been traveling or guest over, I have still made time for some sewing projects. This one I have to say I am particularly proud of...

I made my son an NCSU romper!!. I made the pattern and outfit! Finally, my pattern making class I took 10 years ago is coming to some use!

My handsome boy getting ready for church

I made the pattern from a beloved romper my son owns. It is fully lined and has room for him to add a shirt underneath. At the last minute I decided to add the NC State emblem on the front with a pocket. It was the perfect touch!

I think he likes it too!!

It got me thinking about the lack of boy clothes verses girl clothes on Etsy and I was wondering, do you think I should try to sell these on Etsy? Of course, I could add any other school on the front (as long as I could find it). A one of a kind romper to show off your school pride! It is just a thought!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thanks Mr Bunny

What does this Bunny and this dress have in common and why are they in the same picture together?

The bunny and dress just became this for my Mother-in-law's beach cottage...

My MIL asked me to make an old dress of hers into a pillow 6+ months ago. What she wasn't expecting is for me to use a stuffed animal that she had given the kids, 2 Easters ago, to be used as the stuffing!!! hehe. Yes, I know what you are thinking 'mother of the year stealing her kids' stuffed animals for stuffing'....but seriously, why do they need a 3' tall bunny????

I would of never thought of this idea on my own...I am not that evil... but it got a hole in one of the seams and the batting was falling out. Low and behold--FREE STUFFING!!

Since I have such a hard time throwing things away I don't feel so bad that I was able to reuse the insides for another purpose and NOW the bunny is in the trash!!!

Total cost for this project: $0
Stuffing: Free
Backing: Is the skirt portion
Pillow casing is an old sheet (left over from the Kid's Bathroom)
Trim: Left over from pillows I made my mom

Now, who else needs some pillows because I have a lot more stuffed animals???? Just kidding...sort of!

I was also able to complete #17 on my Getting Back on Track List...I am really knocking this list out!!!

Again I am participating in Kimm's Reinvented Tuesday. Go check out some other great projects!