Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thanks Mr Bunny

What does this Bunny and this dress have in common and why are they in the same picture together?

The bunny and dress just became this for my Mother-in-law's beach cottage...

My MIL asked me to make an old dress of hers into a pillow 6+ months ago. What she wasn't expecting is for me to use a stuffed animal that she had given the kids, 2 Easters ago, to be used as the stuffing!!! hehe. Yes, I know what you are thinking 'mother of the year stealing her kids' stuffed animals for stuffing'....but seriously, why do they need a 3' tall bunny????

I would of never thought of this idea on my own...I am not that evil... but it got a hole in one of the seams and the batting was falling out. Low and behold--FREE STUFFING!!

Since I have such a hard time throwing things away I don't feel so bad that I was able to reuse the insides for another purpose and NOW the bunny is in the trash!!!

Total cost for this project: $0
Stuffing: Free
Backing: Is the skirt portion
Pillow casing is an old sheet (left over from the Kid's Bathroom)
Trim: Left over from pillows I made my mom

Now, who else needs some pillows because I have a lot more stuffed animals???? Just kidding...sort of!

I was also able to complete #17 on my Getting Back on Track List...I am really knocking this list out!!!

Again I am participating in Kimm's Reinvented Tuesday. Go check out some other great projects!


Vivienne said...

Amazing! I woulod have never thought to do that! You are brilliant and I bet your MIL is thrilled.

Jane said...

You crack me up! Of course, you could go one step further and regift that bunny to your kids as a "Build A Bunny." Ok, now that's mean!

Susie Q said...

Oh man...I've got 4 kids, 3 of them 18 and over so you can imagine the stuffed animals...heh, heh, heh. And Jane's idea is brilliant. OR package them for a garage sale in a ziploc bag as Build An Animal! Fundraiser maybe?

jenjen said...

How cute. You are so creative. I never would have thought of it. So great!


Katie said...

OMG you crack me up! Seriously, if you run out of stuffed animals I am sure I could round up a few to send your way. Too funny☺