Thursday, July 23, 2009

Functional is not Always Beautiful

I have to laugh at myself (and my husband) because right now we look like the biggest rednecks!! This summer we decided to plant tomatoes in a pot right by our front walkway. It seemed to be a great idea. It was in full sun and a place where I would remember to water it. PERFECT!! It had produced approximately 10-15 ripe delicious tomatoes. Then we had "the incident."

Here is Lawson with our first ripe tomato.

Here is my son with a tomato or as he calls it "ball" and Lawson so proud of the first harvest. See how beautiful our plant was?

Then it happened. It fell over because of the weight! Now it seems to of taken a life of it's own. See the neon florescent roping to the house??? Classy!

I would of told my husband to rip it up, but here is the is still thriving!! I can't bare to destroy/throw away anything with life in it (just like half the crap in my house)

I counted over 40 green tomatoes on it today, and got 3 red ones off it today!

Oh well, functional is not always beautiful!! It will only be here a couple more months!!


Katie said...

This is amusing to me because I planned on doing something just like this. I have two big planters that I normally put by the bottom of our stairs leading down from our back deck. Well they can be expensive to fill and I was thinking I'd put tomato plants in them this year. They'd be big and green, the red would add some color, and they'd be attractive and functional. Luckily for me, I told my mom and dad what I was planning. They gave each other "the look" and then ever so nicely explained that exactly what happened to you would happen to me. Have to admit it never crossed my mind that would happen.

Jill said...

A tomato plant would never would never make it at my house. My kids would be throwing them at each other. There is nothing like fresh, home grown tomatoes. My mom used to have them in our garden growing up.

Vivienne said...

I am not kidding that you could drag that sucker around to the back of your house and it would still thrive. When it is spent for the season, cut it down and dump the soil from the pot where you want tomatoes to come up next year. It will "volunteer" itself right where you dumped the dirt.