Saturday, May 30, 2009

Walls are coming down...

On Friday, my husband came home saying he wanted to do a home project this weekend. Instead of jumping out of my skin with excitement and saying "So do you want to do A, B or C?" I calmly (smartly) said "So what are you thinking about?" he said "Maybe the wall?"

Now flashback to 3.5 years ago when we moved into this house and during the walk-through I say "This wall should come out so it would open up the den and the kitchen" and I just hear an "uh-huh" from hubby.

Well, apparently with enough, shall we say "encouragement," hubby has decided it is time to "work on the wall." The walls are coming down and kids it is time to go to the pool!!

Before: Looking from the garage door (the door we use to enter and exit our home) to the kitchen

Before: Looking towards the den and garage door.

When I came home from the pool hubby says to me "do not yell"...It was really hard to contain myself... it was awesome!! Lawson of course says "daddy I am mad at you, you put a HOLE in our wall. You shouldn't do that!!!!"

This is the view I need with 2 kids!!!
My hubby, hard at work...

Now that it is so open I might rethink my colors....(shhhh don't tell hubby, he might flip-out). He is such a good guy!!! He love to make me happy and I am REALLY HAPPY!!!! Can't wait to show you the finished project in a couple days!!!
Note: The fish tank is still in the house, but after much discussion the beloved fish tank is now in the foyer. I will show pictures later.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Show us where you live- Kid's Rooms

Hello and thanks for stopping by. If this is your first time visiting please look around. If you have been here before thanks for stopping by again!! This week Mrs. Kelly from Kelly's Korner is hosting "Show us your home" This week it is Children's Room and Nurseries. I am a blessed mommy with a 4 year old daughter and a 16 mo son, so I have two rooms to show.

If you know me or follow my blog you know I am "thrifty" and believe hand-me-downs are some of the best gifts of all!! I love items in a home that have a story. My kids' rooms seem to amplify that.

Here are my kids rooms.

Son's room. When you walk in the door. If there was a theme it would be animals in general. The curtains are from Pottery Barn that my mom found at a Second Chance store. The book shelve behind the bed is from my Mom's Aunt Minnie. The twin bed is in here waiting for him to change over to a big boy bed.

Looking at his room from the other side. You see the changing table (Craig's List) and crib (only thing I paid retail price for). The wall hanging my grandmother, Mamma II, made me when I was born. I love it!!

This area I seem to love best (it stays neat). Hanging is a sample made by his Grammy. The dresser I painted in 2002. Before I had any kids and it has worked well in both nurseries. I love all of the pictures of my baby when he was tiny!!

Daughter's bedroom. I took this while she was at pre-school because it is the only time it is clean!!

This room is truly a collection of hand-me-downs or give aways. The dresser and night stand are from my childhood. My parents had little money (back in the day) and they bought me brand new Broyhill furniture for my big girl room. It is GREAT furniture and they wanted me to have it for Lawson's room. So we (hubby) painted it and it looks wonderful. It still has the original pulls.

The table and chairs are made by a family friend that were once my cousins and now in our home. Great for tea parties!!

The only thing "new" is the letters and curtains, duvet and sham. All made by me while I was pregnant with her brother. Her daddy did all the painting of furniture and walls (because I was pregnant, hee hee!!)

The big girl bed was from her Grandparents, they were rearranging and needed to get rid of it! Perfect for us! The handcrafted bed in front of her bed her Pops made for dolls for Christmas (so talented). Don't forget the princess shoes by the bed!!

This is the top of the dresser. The sampler was made by Grammy. The beautiful box on her dresser Lawson and I made beautiful together. The flamingo is from my sister's MIL, Paula, the colors worked so well in her room and is something unexpected!!

Sorry the pictures are so dark. It was a rainy day when I took them.

Well, that is it for the tour of my kid's rooms. Thanks for stopping by!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 2009

I thought I would share with you all some of the stuff I did because it was such a great weekend.

First, our daughter turned 4 years old on Memorial Day!!! We had a sweet tea party for her and it was soooo much fun!! She was a perfect little princess. I had told her my princess dress was at the cleaners and that is why I was not wearing one!!!

New Collection. Milk Glass!! I am a pack-rat but I do not collect anything to be displayed!! After much thought I have decided to start collecting Milk Glass for my dining room. My mom was sweet enough to buy me my first two pieces this weekend after Lawson's tea party. I was so excited!! Isn't is pretty????

Trick Question: What do you get when your hubby goes fishing??

A new light fixture!!! Purchased & hung all in one day!!!

This project was on the master "To Do List"

Needless to say, I am happy!!! We didn't have a working light for about 2 months!!

All this being said Memorial Day is not about things or a holiday. It is to remember those who gave us our freedom. In honor of those who fought and died for our Freedom- I salute you and Thank you!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

My Dining Room

If you have followed my blog for any time or know me personally you know I L-O-V-E Black and White, especially black!! I make no secret that black is my favorite color. It is the stable of my wardrobe (I am not Gothic just classic) and same goes for my home. I feel every room needs a little black except for my kid rooms.

Welcome to my dining room....

The wall color of my choosing but the color when we moved in our home (3.5 yrs ago) Not a top priority (a long list of procrastinated projects before this one). The parson chairs I asked hubby get from a guy off Craigslist for $50 for 6. Then I recovered them all with black and white damask I bought off of ebay! I also made all of the window treatments.. I did all of this 8 months pregnant (I love pregnancy energy!!!)
My dining room is a hodge podge of furniture we have received from relatives or thrifty finds.
Here is my tour...
Picture above: 60" Round glass that is awaiting a pedestal! Underneath is a pecan round table from my other Great-Grandma (Ma-maw)

This hutch and china chest was my Great-Grandparents (BB & Dah), now painted black (I hope you like grandmommy!!)

This is the arrangement I did with Mod Podge and Thrift Store finds. The table was from my in-laws and a family friend made it for them.

China Chest from Great-Grandparents. Brewery bottles compliments of Hubby.

My new center piece for the summer!! LOVE IT!! I made it with items around the house (actually most are from my sister's wedding arrangements and shells from the Atlantic Beach, and my Mamma II's evening gown)
This event has been hosted by Kelly's Korner "Show us your Home" I have participated in all of the other weeks so go check them out if you would like!!
Here are my previous posts...
1st week- Kitchen
2nd week- Living Room
3rd week- Guest Room
I hope you have enjoyed. I have to tell you the best part of Kelly's Korner's Show us your home is meeting other wonderful ladies in blogland. What a treat!! There are some amazingly talented people out there with GORGEOUS homes!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getting Back on Track

I have been doing a lot of thinking this week and I realized I need to get myself back on track!! "On what track?" you are probably asking yourself. When I started out this blog my purpose was to start completing some of the projects I started and had not finished, bought then threw in the attic, or ideas I had saved in my favorites. I have been going to Thrift Stores, Joann's, Michael's all with the purpose of making a "new" project that I had just seen on another blog or an idea that just crossed my mind!!! It was not until I participated in The Inspired Room Procrastinator’s Party that I realized I had completely gone off track!!! And then the light went off in my head…

“Hello Maridith, these new projects are not helping all of the old, undone, projects collecting dust in your home get finished!!!”

Today I am posting my intentions of this blog and my list of projects I would like to complete on a shoe string budget!! I would love for you to continue to follow me as I complete my mission to stop procrastinating and finish the task at hand to make my home beautiful!!! Maybe along the way I will inspire you too!!!

Here I go…

Purpose: As the official (self-proclaimed) Procrastinator my purpose of this blog is to finish all my unfinished, never started, dust-collecting projects to beautify my home all while being extra thrifty!! Maybe when all projects are complete this blog will be called “The Reformed Procrastinator” Haha!!I crack myself up sometimes!!

Projects: This is a long list and most likely incomplete. I need to remember how wonderful it will feel to cross them off my list!!! (BTW- if anyone knows how to do the strike through function on blogspot can you please let me know? Thank you!!!)

1. Finish Guest/ Kid’s Bathroom (I have the material, trim, towels and accessories- just need to put it together) COMPLETE
2. Paint Dresser in Garage (Foyer or Master bedroom)
3. Paint Desk in Garage COMPLETED 9/20

4. Paint Bench in Garage (foyer)
5. Paint old table now in Kid’s Bathroom COMPLETE
6. Paint chest in Master Bedroom (would like to complete by June 4th) COMPLETE 6/01
7. Make curtains for MB COMPLETED 8/29

8. Make bed skirt for MB COMPLETED 9/30
9. 2 Pillow shams for MB COMPLETED 9/15
10. Fill in picture frame hubby bought me for Mother’s Day & hang COMPLETE 8/4
11. Refurbish 2 lamps I bought at Salvation Army (this was the straw that broke the camel’s back)
12. Christmas Tree Skirt never finished in December 2008
13. Romper outfit for little guy that if I don’t finish he won’t ever wear!! COMPLETE 7/8
14. Paint Laundry Room (bought paint months ago for $5)
15. Purchased a “One Stroke Painting” kit for $1 years ago, never opened
16. Finish knitting scarf I started 3 years ago!!
17. Pillow for MIL she asked me to make her from a handmade dress COMPLETE 7/4
18. Repaint rod iron furniture outside
19. Not to forget the 100+ yds of material I have purchased only to store in plastic containers...

a. Made Matching July 4th Dresses for me and Lawson

Okay, I think that is a good start!! We will see how I do!!

I still plan on participating in Xazmin’s Mod Podge Mania, and Heidi’s Blue Eye Blessing Challenge, Kim's Reinvented , Jen R. Sanctuary Art, and Kelly’s Korners Show us where you live. These blogs can help me with my procrastination indirectly!! I just need to keep focused, especially during the summer since I will have 2 kids 24/7 for 3 months (no more pre-school)!!!

Hope to see you back as I tackle this list!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crafting Lesson with Mommy

This weekend my daughter, Lawson, and I did a quick project together to refurbish a decorative box we found at a thrift store for $4. It would have been fine on its own but it had a white matte finish, with some scuff marks, and dirt that made it not quite suitable for displaying. We decided to make it our own for a quick rainy day project (after I had spray painted it a white gloss on Friday).

After spray paint...


While we were picking out the perfect scrap book paper for the lining it occurred to me there is a lot a child can learn from a simple home project done with mom.

I involve my daughter (3 almost 4) in a lot of projects you see on this blog that end up beatifying my home rather then being hung up on the refridge and my motives could be questionable. However, there truly is no one prouder then my daughter to show a visitor all of the beautiful things she has made with her mommy (and it makes my heart sing with pride).

Note: I am not a teacher just a mom trying to teach my daughter there is lessons to be learned every where!!

The crafting lesson…
1. Picking out coordinating scrap booking paper. Lawson was in charge of making sure the box lining matched. Color coordination is vital to good fashion. (wink)
2. Measuring. I did the measuring but I made Lawson tell me each of the numbers aloud.
3. Once I made the mark I had Lawson cut along the line. Dexterity. Very good!!
4. Shapes. Tell me what shape we cut out.

5. Gluing. Mod Podge is Non-toxic and gluing is just plain old fun!!
6. Finishing a beautiful project that she and mommy can be proud of!!!!!

Lawson would not let me take a picture of her with the box, but she is proud of her creation. It is now in her room filled with lots of Barbie trinkets!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Guest Room - BEWARE!!

For the 3rd straight week Kelly's Korner is hosting "Show us your home" this week it happens to be Guest Room.

Here are my previous posts...
1st week- Kitchen
2nd week- Living Room

This week was going to opt out of the "Show us your home" because my guest room is also my sewing room, kids playroom and computer room and it is a not exactly guest friendly right now!! Why?? Because being creative is MESSY- HELLO!! Well for me it is at least. I would love to have a room dedicated to sewing and crafts but my home is not quite big enough!!

The reason I decided to show this is my Grandma out in Arizona (who has never seen my home) says she really has enjoyed my tour. Grandma this is for you!!! Please excuse the mess!!

This is the kid's section... (good job cleaning up kids)

Are you READY???

It is really bad...

This is the "guest area"...somewhere under all this mess is a bed. Believe it or not we have guest at least once to twice a month. I normally wait until the day of before I clean it up. Good thing my guests love me because this is not exactly a "Guest Retreat"

Yep, I know it is pretty bad and I have no plans on cleaning it up until May 22nd when my parents are coming down. To many projects to work on until then!!!

Gotta keep it real :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Procrastinator's Party- Children Table and Chairs - DONE!!

A little less then two weeks ago I signed up at The Inspired Room Procrastinator's Party. Although I have been out of town two weekends in a row, a rough week with one child, and just life happenings, I made it a personal goal to complete this project for me!!! I am proud to say it is DONE!!

BEFORE: (What in the world was I thinking?)

A week after I signed up for the party I made my plans...

Work in Progress:

This isn't right: Grrrrr!!

Miss Lawson helping mommy (the final day)

After: I LOVE IT!!!

Saving the Table and Chairs: This is my 3rd attempt at painting this table and chairs. It was the final straw. If this attempt did not work, I was seriously considering throwing it in the dumpster, because it was not meant to be in my home. Luck was on this table and chairs side because now it resides in my kitchen!!

Finishing a project feels good: It is not perfect and does not look like my drawing, but I am not a painter nor an artist, I am a Wanna-Be!! Once I was done and all the frustrations of this project were behind me, Lawson and I did the "Finished Dance" Oh the joy of showing my daughter how it feels to finish something and to be proud of your work!!!

Lessons Learned: I didn't realize until this project how much fun distressing is. Oh my goodness!! I can see how you can get a little "Distressing Happy" Fun stuff!! I normally let my furniture get distressed from 2 kids and a dog, but why should they have all the fun?????

Here are the chairs with their names on them...

Lawson sitting at the new table!!

Melissa was honest about not finishing her project, I will be honest too... I still have to seal the table and chairs, but today is too humid to polyurethane (I promise). Plus, looking at these pictures I am wondering if I should paint the legs black...

Thanks Melissa for hosting such a great Party. It felt wonderful to get one of (many) my projects complete!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day and Gifts

I spent my Mother's Day in Northern Virginia to watch my baby sister graduate from nursing school. We are so proud of her and all of her accomplishments!!! It was so nice also to be with my mom for Mother's Day!!

My mom with her kids- me, Lauren, and Ryan

Since it was Mother's Day I needed a gift for my mom-duh!!! Like so many other times in my life I waited until Friday morning to collect my supplies & make my gift!! The wonderful and fantastic thing about spray paint and Mod Podge is you can start and finish your project within an hour (perfect for nap time).

I got this kit at Micheal's with the bottom piece and the pegs. Then you buy the letters you need. I was either going to do "love" or "family" but since I was running short on time I decided "love." Plus, I LOVE my mommy!!!

One hour later here is the finished product. Happy to say she really liked it. I was hoping to take a picture of it in her beautiful home but didn't have the time. We are going to put it on top of a cabinet so you can't see the base.

Then there was my Mother's Day. Here is my family... Love you guys!!

Collins, Wesley, and Lawson went shopping and bought me this....
It is HUGE - 27" X 40" to go in my long hallway upstairs. My friend, Heather, added scrapbook paper to some of the photo holes and it turned out really nice. Here is yet another project for me to complete!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Show us where you live- Living Room/Den

One of my favorite blogs, Kelly's Korner, is hosting "Show us where you live." Last week it was the kitchen and I had a blast getting a snick peak into hundreds of peoples' home. Thanks to all those that shared and those that made such sweet comments on my kitchen. This week it the Living Room. We call it "the den" and this is where we do most of our living.

Walking in from the garage. This room is very warm and cozy!

The wood fireplace.

The back part of the den. I love our bay window seat. I made all of the curtains and cushions- I love making home decor!!

These are our flying friends that watch over us. I am ONE LUCKY GIRL!!!

This was the selling feature of the house. I love our fireplace. We do move the chair in the winter when we have fires. The problem is the mantle is so HUGE I have no idea how to decorate it. Any suggestions?

My husband's favorite piece- besides the mounted ducks!!

Here is a glimpse at my living room. Most times these pocket doors are closed!! NO KIDS ALLOWED!!

This room is on my TO DO LIST, and although it isn't finished, I love going in here to get a quiet moment for myself!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Organizing Challenge with a little Mod Podge too!!

I am a busy lady, like so many other women out there. Since I am so busy (some of it self-inflicted) I tend to over look some details in my life that other would CRINGE over. That something is


It seems to me that every time I organize I can't find anything. So to eliminate this problem I just don't organize. Simple, right??? It just so happens that one of my husband's pet peeves is not being organized (so glad he loves me!!)

On the way to beach this weekend we were talking about home stuff we would like to get done. We were having an open and honest conversation on the way to see his family (could of gone good or bad, luckily it went good). He told me that he would be more inclined to do more home projects for me/us if our home was more organized. I didn't get mad (sometimes I have a tendency too when he questions my homemaking skills) I took this as a challenge. I decided to start organizing our home. The question is will he hold up his side of the bargain!?!?!

Monday: I organized our linen closet in our bathroom. I would show you a picture but it isn't that pretty so trust me it is organized!! I am finally able to get sheets in this closet rather then taking up a dresser drawer!!
Tuesday: Nothing (busy day)
Wednesday: 3 kitchen drawers and a medicine cabinet. Proof Below...

After: Divided utensils into metal and plastic (bet it doesn't stay like this for a week)

Medicine Cabinet
Before: So embarrassing- I have never claimed to be Martha Stewart


Notice the cool canister on the bottom right?
This now holds all of our band-aids and creams for boo-boos. Nothing can be easy for me so I decided to do a little project while organizing. I made a band-aid canister with the following items...
After: If I had some cool scrap booking stuff I would write band-aids, but this will have to do!!
This project made me laugh out loud because I remember reading some one's blog about how they mod podged a metal canister and when they tried to open it up the next day it wouldn't open (that so stinks). I made doubly sure I didn't put paper under the lid!!
Back to organizing...
I still have lots of drawers, closets, under beds, cabinets, pantry (YUCK!) to deal with, but I am getting there S L O W L Y. Maybe this will make my life simpler OR maybe it will make me even more crazy because I can't find CRAP!! Who knows....