Friday, May 8, 2009

Show us where you live- Living Room/Den

One of my favorite blogs, Kelly's Korner, is hosting "Show us where you live." Last week it was the kitchen and I had a blast getting a snick peak into hundreds of peoples' home. Thanks to all those that shared and those that made such sweet comments on my kitchen. This week it the Living Room. We call it "the den" and this is where we do most of our living.

Walking in from the garage. This room is very warm and cozy!

The wood fireplace.

The back part of the den. I love our bay window seat. I made all of the curtains and cushions- I love making home decor!!

These are our flying friends that watch over us. I am ONE LUCKY GIRL!!!

This was the selling feature of the house. I love our fireplace. We do move the chair in the winter when we have fires. The problem is the mantle is so HUGE I have no idea how to decorate it. Any suggestions?

My husband's favorite piece- besides the mounted ducks!!

Here is a glimpse at my living room. Most times these pocket doors are closed!! NO KIDS ALLOWED!!

This room is on my TO DO LIST, and although it isn't finished, I love going in here to get a quiet moment for myself!!

Thanks for stopping by!!


Jessica said...

Your window seat is awesome! I have always loved those.

Rachel said...

I love that window seat!

Vivienne said...

Love the window seat, love the red.
I can't help you with the mantel, but if you figure it out, please post. I am looking for ideas to swipe for my own. Mine runs long like that, the FP is off-center and the ceiling is vaulted at one end and comes down at an angle. No matter what I do, it looks "off"

(Love the mod podge in the previous post, too!)

Avery & Hailey said...

Window seat is gorgeous! I need help decorating a mantel the red on the walls and the wainscoating (sp?). Gorgeous and homey!!!

Carrie and David said...

Pretty! I especially love the red walls and the window seat - it's so cozy!

Chelsa said...

love the red!
and the window seat too!

Jenny said...

I love all of the white trim and details. That window seat is awesome!

Katie said...

Wow it looks like you have a big house! I really love the fireplace, it's so much better than our rinky dink one. I have always wanted a window seat, I am so jealous!

Jen r. said...

Did you say you were one Ducky girl? ;) Just kidding. You have a lovely home!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I had to laugh at your ducks! I have the same ones in my sons room. They are pretty~

Miss(es) Canadian Pie said...

I love this room! The white trim just pops. Love it!

And I have to tell you, I felt like I was reading me in your profile. I too have all good intentinos of crafting and doing projects but 9 times out of 10, don't. Haha, glad to know I'm not alone!

Kirsty said...

You have a lovely home and I love all the homey cute touches. I think the unmatched chairs in the kitchen are cool and funky. LOL at your quote at the bottom of the page :) (Visiting from SITS :)