Thursday, May 21, 2009

Getting Back on Track

I have been doing a lot of thinking this week and I realized I need to get myself back on track!! "On what track?" you are probably asking yourself. When I started out this blog my purpose was to start completing some of the projects I started and had not finished, bought then threw in the attic, or ideas I had saved in my favorites. I have been going to Thrift Stores, Joann's, Michael's all with the purpose of making a "new" project that I had just seen on another blog or an idea that just crossed my mind!!! It was not until I participated in The Inspired Room Procrastinator’s Party that I realized I had completely gone off track!!! And then the light went off in my head…

“Hello Maridith, these new projects are not helping all of the old, undone, projects collecting dust in your home get finished!!!”

Today I am posting my intentions of this blog and my list of projects I would like to complete on a shoe string budget!! I would love for you to continue to follow me as I complete my mission to stop procrastinating and finish the task at hand to make my home beautiful!!! Maybe along the way I will inspire you too!!!

Here I go…

Purpose: As the official (self-proclaimed) Procrastinator my purpose of this blog is to finish all my unfinished, never started, dust-collecting projects to beautify my home all while being extra thrifty!! Maybe when all projects are complete this blog will be called “The Reformed Procrastinator” Haha!!I crack myself up sometimes!!

Projects: This is a long list and most likely incomplete. I need to remember how wonderful it will feel to cross them off my list!!! (BTW- if anyone knows how to do the strike through function on blogspot can you please let me know? Thank you!!!)

1. Finish Guest/ Kid’s Bathroom (I have the material, trim, towels and accessories- just need to put it together) COMPLETE
2. Paint Dresser in Garage (Foyer or Master bedroom)
3. Paint Desk in Garage COMPLETED 9/20

4. Paint Bench in Garage (foyer)
5. Paint old table now in Kid’s Bathroom COMPLETE
6. Paint chest in Master Bedroom (would like to complete by June 4th) COMPLETE 6/01
7. Make curtains for MB COMPLETED 8/29

8. Make bed skirt for MB COMPLETED 9/30
9. 2 Pillow shams for MB COMPLETED 9/15
10. Fill in picture frame hubby bought me for Mother’s Day & hang COMPLETE 8/4
11. Refurbish 2 lamps I bought at Salvation Army (this was the straw that broke the camel’s back)
12. Christmas Tree Skirt never finished in December 2008
13. Romper outfit for little guy that if I don’t finish he won’t ever wear!! COMPLETE 7/8
14. Paint Laundry Room (bought paint months ago for $5)
15. Purchased a “One Stroke Painting” kit for $1 years ago, never opened
16. Finish knitting scarf I started 3 years ago!!
17. Pillow for MIL she asked me to make her from a handmade dress COMPLETE 7/4
18. Repaint rod iron furniture outside
19. Not to forget the 100+ yds of material I have purchased only to store in plastic containers...

a. Made Matching July 4th Dresses for me and Lawson

Okay, I think that is a good start!! We will see how I do!!

I still plan on participating in Xazmin’s Mod Podge Mania, and Heidi’s Blue Eye Blessing Challenge, Kim's Reinvented , Jen R. Sanctuary Art, and Kelly’s Korners Show us where you live. These blogs can help me with my procrastination indirectly!! I just need to keep focused, especially during the summer since I will have 2 kids 24/7 for 3 months (no more pre-school)!!!

Hope to see you back as I tackle this list!!!


Jillian said...

That is a huge project list, YIKES!!

Vivienne said...

I read your list and now I want to take a nap. (or a Xanax.)

You can do it! Schedule one a week. Actually put it on your calendar like an appointment. I bet you end up doing more than one a week!

You can do it, and I will still come read your blog once it is re-christened the Reformed Procrastinator Crafter!