Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Crafting Lesson with Mommy

This weekend my daughter, Lawson, and I did a quick project together to refurbish a decorative box we found at a thrift store for $4. It would have been fine on its own but it had a white matte finish, with some scuff marks, and dirt that made it not quite suitable for displaying. We decided to make it our own for a quick rainy day project (after I had spray painted it a white gloss on Friday).

After spray paint...


While we were picking out the perfect scrap book paper for the lining it occurred to me there is a lot a child can learn from a simple home project done with mom.

I involve my daughter (3 almost 4) in a lot of projects you see on this blog that end up beatifying my home rather then being hung up on the refridge and my motives could be questionable. However, there truly is no one prouder then my daughter to show a visitor all of the beautiful things she has made with her mommy (and it makes my heart sing with pride).

Note: I am not a teacher just a mom trying to teach my daughter there is lessons to be learned every where!!

The crafting lesson…
1. Picking out coordinating scrap booking paper. Lawson was in charge of making sure the box lining matched. Color coordination is vital to good fashion. (wink)
2. Measuring. I did the measuring but I made Lawson tell me each of the numbers aloud.
3. Once I made the mark I had Lawson cut along the line. Dexterity. Very good!!
4. Shapes. Tell me what shape we cut out.

5. Gluing. Mod Podge is Non-toxic and gluing is just plain old fun!!
6. Finishing a beautiful project that she and mommy can be proud of!!!!!

Lawson would not let me take a picture of her with the box, but she is proud of her creation. It is now in her room filled with lots of Barbie trinkets!!!


Xazmin said...

I love it! What a fun project for her to help with. I need to be better about including my kids with my projects.

It's just if I let one help, they all four want to help and that can be a little counter-productive!

Jillian said...

Very cute!!

Katie said...

This box is pretty, pretty, pretty! Thats so sweet that your daughter is proud of her work. She should be!

Vivienne said...

I love that this was something you did together! She's darling!

~Katie said...

No Way... That is the custest thing ever. And you got it for $4?? What?? Ok, I am home now all summer and my kids will be home with my A LOT... I need some help in this area. Lydia would LOVE to do this kind of thing and so would I. Not to mention then you have a nice piece for your home. Where did you get it? I need to frequent that store.

I laughed when you said that your daughter wanted to play football. I am sure mine would too. haha. If you find a league that will take 3 year old girsl... lets go! :)

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

What a sweet way to spend time with your daughter. This is definitely something I hope to do with my daughter as she grows up. I think it's important to give our kids the opportunity to enjoy what we enjoy doing. I'll have to let go of a lot of my perfectionist tendencies to do this, but it will be so worth it! I also like that the project she helped with is something she gets to keep in HER room!

jenjen said...

That little box is adorable. You guys did a great job. I love doing projects with my girls!


Katie said...

I love your mommy and me project. I never find the cool stuff like you do to remake. Love the paper lined inside and all the fun lessons you had together. I am totally going to force, er...encourage mine to be a crafty diva!