Friday, May 1, 2009

Procrastinators Party!!

Looks like I am not the only one out in blog land that procrastinates. The Inspired Room is having a Procrastinators Party and leave it to me to be fashionably late!! I first had to find a project that I've been procrastinating on!! HAHA!! That is a laugh!! All I have to do is look to the right or the left of my computer and I can find about 5-6 in this room alone!!

Although there are plenty of undone/unfinished projects in my house, I really wanted to challenge myself and do a project that I have been putting off. Since this party is the exact type of motivation I need to get my act together I picked my children's table and chairs that I keep in the kitchen. The deal is you pick a project that you have been procrastinating on, show it to everyone and then in 2 weeks show the completed project.


The story on this table. My daughter received this as a gift when she was 18 months old from her Nana and Dah and they got it at Ikea unfinished. Well, I painted it a fish theme and quickly got tired of it and painted it white. Then it sat primer white for about a year. Then I decided I was going to make it a chalkboard table. Well, good idea in theory but I am not a big fan of chalk dust in my house. Especially, when my child can make a fresh piece of chalk into a nub in 2 minutes. Now I believe all children's chalk belongs on the sidewalk.

Here it sits in my kitchen undone, untidy for almost 2.5 years. From afar it looks okay but up close it is a mess. I am challenging myself to get this painted!! I can do it!! I just need an idea. Anyone have a good idea to pass along? I would really appreciate it.

I am such a slacker!! I just realized I have even posted about my procrastinated painting projects!! Even more reason to get this done!!

Stay tuned!!! In two weeks (even though I will not be in town for any of weekends during that time) I will have this done!! I am off to find inspiration from someone out there!!

Good luck to all of the other procrastinators out there participating in the Procrastinators Party!! We can do it!!


Michelle said...

I can't wait to see how it turns out!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Yes we can! We can do it! I love the name of your blog too BWAAHAA, that is perfect.

Ok, are you working on it? I bought my paint today. That is a good sign. Sometimes, anyways.

Happy painting!