Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Organizing Challenge with a little Mod Podge too!!

I am a busy lady, like so many other women out there. Since I am so busy (some of it self-inflicted) I tend to over look some details in my life that other would CRINGE over. That something is


It seems to me that every time I organize I can't find anything. So to eliminate this problem I just don't organize. Simple, right??? It just so happens that one of my husband's pet peeves is not being organized (so glad he loves me!!)

On the way to beach this weekend we were talking about home stuff we would like to get done. We were having an open and honest conversation on the way to see his family (could of gone good or bad, luckily it went good). He told me that he would be more inclined to do more home projects for me/us if our home was more organized. I didn't get mad (sometimes I have a tendency too when he questions my homemaking skills) I took this as a challenge. I decided to start organizing our home. The question is will he hold up his side of the bargain!?!?!

Monday: I organized our linen closet in our bathroom. I would show you a picture but it isn't that pretty so trust me it is organized!! I am finally able to get sheets in this closet rather then taking up a dresser drawer!!
Tuesday: Nothing (busy day)
Wednesday: 3 kitchen drawers and a medicine cabinet. Proof Below...

After: Divided utensils into metal and plastic (bet it doesn't stay like this for a week)

Medicine Cabinet
Before: So embarrassing- I have never claimed to be Martha Stewart


Notice the cool canister on the bottom right?
This now holds all of our band-aids and creams for boo-boos. Nothing can be easy for me so I decided to do a little project while organizing. I made a band-aid canister with the following items...
After: If I had some cool scrap booking stuff I would write band-aids, but this will have to do!!
This project made me laugh out loud because I remember reading some one's blog about how they mod podged a metal canister and when they tried to open it up the next day it wouldn't open (that so stinks). I made doubly sure I didn't put paper under the lid!!
Back to organizing...
I still have lots of drawers, closets, under beds, cabinets, pantry (YUCK!) to deal with, but I am getting there S L O W L Y. Maybe this will make my life simpler OR maybe it will make me even more crazy because I can't find CRAP!! Who knows....

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DawnB said...

If you write the word, in this case "Band Aids", in just a simple print (you can just use a Sharpie pen), then add little dots at the end of each letter it will look fabulous. I found this out one year when I did this font on our message board by writing "Happy Thanksgiving" and I did the lil' dot-thingy and everyone was so impressed, like I was some fancy calligrapher. Geez, it was so easy & I even did it real quick b/c afterall I did have a Thanksgiving meal to make so that everyone would be happy. Oh, you can even do some fancy "astericks" and make some lines longer than others and then add more lil' dots randomly, it makes it look like sparkles.