Monday, March 16, 2009

Procrastinated Painting Projects

I am going to list some of my painting projects that I've procrastinated on WAY TOO LONG!!

Did I mention before my parents are pack-rats and I got it honestly? Well most of the items below came from my parents home. We don't throw ANYTHING AWAY!! Which isn't a bad thing. Why throw something away with some type of value, right??? It just means to keep these items in your home they have to be rejuvenated to match your home decor, which means there is always a lingering "project."

Below is a desk that belonged to my paternal grandmother, then it was my sewing desk in high school, and now sits in my garage waiting to go into my daughter's bedroom.

No idea where this actually came from, but got it from my parents house.

My mom's aunts table, she was going to throw it away but my mom claimed it. She never painted it, and now it sits in my house waiting to be painted (again).

Children's table and chairs gone wrong (from Ikea). I can admit it! I am really hoping to one day enter this into Sanctuary Art's Open House one day. But it needs a MAJOR OVERHAUL before I do that! This table and chair project has truly stumped me (for about 3 years)!! I thought I was going to make it multi-functional with chalkboard paint, but it just doesn't work for me and looks really bad!! Now I am thinking something simple, but just don't know what. Do you have any suggestions? I really need some-HELP!!

I included a picture of my kitchen decor so you can see what I am working with.


Meg said...

I actually really like the little kids table and chairs! How neat!

Katie said...

I can't wait to see how you make over the pieces. I see great ideas in magazines all the time and think now if only I had a piece to recycle!

I'll think on the children's table...but I think you're being hard on yourself. You've got a good start.

Susan S. said...

Hi there...I just popped over from Jill's Believe it Or Not Blog. I like your've got some great ideas. Happy St. Paddy's Day from Houston!