Monday, January 26, 2009

My Pillowcase Dress- DONE!

I am on a long will this last?? I guess with the cold weather and snow it made me motivated because I am now ready for spring!! I decided to start working on L's spring wardrobe and made her a pillowcase dress. I had added this to my "Future Projects" wish list and I am done!!! I LOVE IT!!! So cute I can't stand it!!

Procrastination Time: Zero! I am ahead of the game since it is 30 degrees outside and L won't be wearing this until the spring.

Pack-rat: The ribbon and bows are from my pack-rat ribbon collection

New: Pillowcase

Verdict: A little more time consuming then I thought but worth it! I did not follow the directions completely. The directions say to put 1 yard of ribbon through each side and tie it on the side. I put elastic all the way around and then put the bows on safety pins so I could take them off in the wash. So many variations to this project- so little time!

I really need to learn to make hair bows so the outfit is complete!


Anonymous said...

This is just too cute!

Zephyr Girl said...

so sweet!!!!
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Julie said...

That's so cute...I've never seen one of those! Like the model too, she's a trooper :)
Welcome to the SITS community.