Saturday, January 24, 2009

1st Birthday Present - Tutu skirt

Today we went to a 1st Birthday party for our friend Katie. She is 9 days younger then my son, and I wanted to make something special for her. I made her a purple sparkly tutu skirt. Perfect for any Princess!! I've known what I wanted to make for over a month now, but I didn't make it until 2 days before the party! Hey, at least I did not wait 1 hour before the party!! (Done that before) I also bought Katie a matching bow (don't know how to make those but want to learn one day). I hope she like it!

I wish I had one of these when L was her age. The pictures I have seen with children in these skirts are just PRECIOUS!! I love them!

Of course we had to do a trial run and my 3 year old tried it on.

L loved it and asked me to make her one. So I did! (pictured is Katie's skirt) Can you believe I have already made L one? She is going to wear it to dance class this week. Now I am thinking of all the variations I can do...add ribbon, NC State colors, Spring colors, more birthday gifts...okay I am getting ahead of myself!!! One project at a time!

Procrastination Time: 1 month (not bad)

Cost: Secret it is a gift!!

Verdict: So fun to make. Loved this project and a great project to do in front of the TV! I will be making this again very soon!! Oh I can't wait until my sister has a baby (not that she is pregnant or even trying) BUT her girl (because she will have a girl) will be decked out in bows and lace!!

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Jennifer said...

I LOVE IT and so does Katie! Thank you so much!