Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Magnetic Frame

I put this post on how to make a magnetic frame in my favorites, back in November '08, with every expectation that I would make this for my NC State friends for Christmas. Well, look in my drawer you will see I still have another frame waiting to be made. I am not sure if I ran out of time, or I didn't think my friends would like my homemade gifts, that I lost interest in the project. Either way, I have the finished project!

(Me and JC in 2004 at a NC State Basketball game)

Procrastination Time: 2 months

Costs: 20 cents for felt, 50 cents for magnets, material scraps from other project, and cardboard from diaper boxes= 70 cents

Verdict: I liked this project. I made a door with additional cardboard in the back rather then a slit for the picture. I also used Mod Podge to protect the material. I don't think that was necessary. Very easy to do. Now that I see the finished product I think my Wolfpack friends would of liked this. Oh Well, there is always next Christmas. Besides, it looks so cute on the side of my refrigerator!

2 down lots more to go...

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