Thursday, January 15, 2009

Getting Back on Track- Morning Routine

by Leo Reynolds

I saw a post on Money Saving Mom which then led me to Biblical Womanhood Blog where she talks about procrastination!! I am not the only one!! Although my blog focuses of the procrastination of my projects, I promise you my procrastination creeps into most aspects of my life!! So I am going to take on her challenge and try to get back on track- I am motivated!!

My little W, was not the best sleeper (until he started drinking whole milk) and since I am the only one who hears him (JC could sleep through a hurricane!) I, by default use to wake up with him every night. So it was easy to sleep in until my daughter would wake me up. By that point it was 8am, I was slightly grumpy and some how the whole day would start off bad. One of my New Year Resolutions was to wake up before the kids and so far I am doing okay!

So here I am going to document my morning routine I am going to strive for...

6:15am- Wake up after my husband gives me sweet kisses
- I would like to say Work-out baby steps, baby steps so probably shower/ make-up bed
6:45am- Drink Hot Cocoa or water, pray and meditate
7:15am- Empty dishwasher, start making sippy cups (W is not very patient yet), and breakfast
7:45am- Greet my beautiful children for a fun filled day!!

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