Monday, February 2, 2009

Towel Power

Does your Toddler still use his/her baby towel? Mine does and she looks kinda silly considering the towel doesn't cover half of her! My son uses all of my daughter's pink hooded towels but that is another problem for another day!

My friend Elizabeth sent me this tutorial on how to make a hooded towel.
This is the finished product and my super model L was ready to try it out!!
Front View:

Back View:
Procrastination Time: 7 months (Elizabeth sent this to me back in the summer 2007)
Pack-rat: Old Towels from when it matched my old house bathroom, ribbon from ribbon collection
Cost: $0
Verdict: Easy! Loved this project and would love to make this for gifts for toddlers (with new towels of course). I changed one thing from the tutorial, I did not turn over on the end of the hood (hand towel). It just seemed too bulky and unnecessary. I just measured the hand towel to the 10.5 inches and cut it that length.


Elizabeth said...

Looks great! Is it easy enough for me to do?

Procrastinator Crafter said...

Elizabeth- it is easy enough for you to do OR you could wait for a sweet friend to make your son one for his birthday!! If you insist on making one my only suggestion would be to get thin towels if you have a machine that doesn't sew through bulky garments well.

Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

That is SO CUTE! You are very talented - love your blog!

Welcome to SITS. I hope you will enjoy it as much as we all do!

Mandy said...

Hi and welcome to SITS! I'm with the Welcome Wagon and we're so happy you've joined us.:) You'll love it! My girls all still use hooded towels! (ages 5, 4, 2). My cousin made one of these for me and I looooooove it!!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed! I just bought a toddler sized hoodie towel on sale (I'm not very crafty, but I admire other's projects).

Welcome to SITS! I hope you enjoy being a part of the group as much as I do.

Joy said...

How adorable!

Welcome to the SITS community!

WishTrish said...

Love how it turned out! It would be fun to make giant ones from swim towels for the beach and pool! LOVE THIS IDEA!

Welcome to SITS! Glad you're with us! You are gonna love the SITStahood!

greedygrace said...

Oh, my goodness! Yes, I do need a bigger hooded towel for my hug toddler! And that pillowcase dress on te previous post? Can we say ADORABLE???? I love it!

Welcome to SITS! Glad you're here!

April said...

stopping in to say welcome to SITS, love the towel, great idea

Rhea said...

I'm laughing that it took you seven months to get to it...but you did a great job! Very crafty.

Welcome to SITS! I'm also with the Welcome Wagon. I'm read so many fun blogs and met so many amazing women through SITS. It's truly an awesome group of women and a great place for support. Welcome aboard!

Aubrey said...

Hello and welcome to SITS!

I had to laugh when I read this. This morning, I used the one my best friend made for my little boy, 2 1/2 years ago! LOL He's in the 90th percentile and looked giant in it!

These are a really great project though!

Rachael said...

Wow, what a great idea! You are quite talented, an inspiration to get me moving. I am not very crafty at all, but I would like to learn how to create more!

Welcome to SITS, we are so happy you decided to join us!

The Rambler said...

Part of the WagonSITSa's welcoming you to SITS.

I LOVED it and I LOVE that you have the word procrastination in your blogname....sooo true for me!

And I LOVE the pillowcase dress and I'm so gonna try it.

angi_b72 said...

Stopping by from the Welcom Wagon at SITS!!! Love your blog!

Lisa M said...

A great big Welcome to the SITStahood from the SITS Welcome Wagon!

LOVE the hooded towel. You are definately favorited. I am a procrastinating crafter myself!

Brandy said...

Dropping in from SITS...welcome! It's always great to meet new bloggers. Especially very talented ones that can sympathize with my procrastination issues.

HA! I love the towel, and the pillowcase shirt below it is adorable. How knew a pillowcase could look so good?