Monday, February 16, 2009

Ribbon Blanket

When I was pregnant with my first child I did not know the sex of our child. It was wonderful and the gifts we received were neutral and some were very creative. One gift really stuck out. It was a ribbon blanket made by a co-worker in NCSU fleece material. I immediately loved it because it was NCSU and I love homemade gifts!

We had a little girl and didn't give much hope for the blanket being around very long. Let me tell you I WAS WRONG!! At around 6 months she loved the silky tags.

At 12 months she started calling it "ri-ri" because of the ribbon. Today at 3 1/2 it is still the object of her affection! She loves it and sleeps with it every night.

It is really hard to make boy crafty items I thought a "ri-ri" (ribbon blanket) would be a great project! Plus, now I can say I have made SOMETHING for my son.

Truth be told I was looking for something else, happened to find the material cut out, the ribbon cut out and some scrap gingham material that made me realize I should probably make this TODAY!! I was probably going to make this as a gift for NCSU baby but never got around to it!! oops!

Procrastination Time: 2 years minimum. I really think this material has been cut out for that long. PATHETIC!! I do believe things work out for a reason because now I can give one to my son!! Another project finished only 1000 more to go...

Pack-rat: The whole thing was part of my pack-rat collection. (I never throw anything away!)

Cost: Two years ago it cost me something but today it cost me $0.

Verdict: Although this was probably intended for some one else with my procrastination and pack-ratting skills I have a happy little boy!!

I love that I started this blog because it does keep me motivated to finish those projects that have postponed for a LONG TIME! Plus, I hope it helps motivate other women to not keep on looking for latest and greatest projects on HGTV or the web but finish up the projects in your home. It is SOOO much more rewarding!! Maybe later I will do a tutorial on how you can make one of these very easily!!

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