Friday, February 13, 2009

Dancing, Dancing, Dancing...

My Princess is taking dance class this semester. Her Beginning Dance Class is an hour long-30 minutes is ballet and 30 minutes is jazz. So we bought all the necessary equipment and off we went. I realized during the first class there was a change in shoes and watched the craziness unfold. The teacher has to change all of the kids shoes (wasted time) and then bows do not stay tied! So the teacher has to stop what she is doing to fix all of the shoes at least once for each child! I decided to help her out and have at least my daughter not so focused on her shoes!!

Here was the dilemma with the shoes, if representative from Capezio is reading this you can pay me for my idea later...
1- The ribbon frays (cheap)
2- These are for 3-4 year old who do not know how to tie shoes!!
3- Can you say...messy

During the first dance class (back in Jan) I decided I was going to put elastic in the shoes. Then to add some extra glam I put a bow on them!!

Quick Tutorial....
I bought 1/4" black elastic and strung it through both sides and attaching it in the middle. Then I made a cute bow and sewed it on separate. (I am told the bow has to be black for the recital so I only used 2-3 whip stitches)

Ta-da!! Snazzy Jazz Shoes!! Slip-on ready!!

Procrastination time: 3 dance classes (3 weeks)
Cost: Elastic $1.49 Wal-mart used only 6 inches, Ribbon $1 Michael's, Cute Jazz Shoes that are toddler friendly PRICELESS!!
Verdict: Last night was dance class and the teacher appreciated my toddler friendly shoes. She said they make jazz shoes with elastic but apparently at the local store here doesn't carry them! BUT are as CUTE????


CynthiaK said...

Nice work, Jazzy Lady! Very crafty.

Thanks for stopping by Crumbs, too. I loved your comment about your daughter - "It's not time for pink anymore, it's time to wear purple." I love it!

Rhea said...

Very nice work! You have a great go-to attitude, taking on a problem and fixing it with flair. I like it.

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