Thursday, October 1, 2009

Master Bedroom- Decor Fabric Added

I have lived in my house for 3.5 years and the one room that has gone untouched is our master bedroom. From talking with other women, I am not the only one who neglects the master bedroom. Not sure exactly why that is, but probably because us women tend to make everything else a priority over ourselves! Another reason for me, I have the oddest shape bedroom on the planet. I have two dormer windows and a half wall. It makes for a very challenging set-up.

That is all about to change!!

I pulled out some material that I purchased 2 years ago for my living room and decided it would work perfectly in my bedroom. Waste not want not!! I remember purchasing this material off of eBay for $32.00 for 9 yards (TIP: GOOD DEALS ON MATERIAL AVAILABLE ON EBAY).


See all these crazy angles and how challenging this can be?


First I made the curtains...nice but not enough...

Then came the shams I made with this beautiful trim...note to others....trim make all the difference. For years I would short change myself when making pillows and not adding trim to my pillows. I would find myself not getting the "custom" look I was going for and wanting to change them out quicker then I normally would.


Then came the bed skirt. As luck would have it my guest bedroom bed is the same height. So the kids got to enjoy a trampoline for a day. The ONLY time they have been aloud to jump on the bed!

A handmade bed skirt is a lot easier then I expected. I got directions on how to make it from the library, but I have found some other great resources on-line. I used an old bed sheet and made a box pleat bed skirt.

So here is my Master Bedroom with the Fabric added....

I rearranged and added an elephant print above the bed. It is not exactly what I have in mind but it works for right now. I also temporarily put the painted toy box in front of the bed to show off my bed skirt. It took me 3 seconds to remember why I had the long dresser in front of the bed. My son uses the toy box as a launching pad to catapult onto the bed!!
I have also completed #7, 8, 9 on my Getting Back on Track List. I love having a list and being able to check it off. ESPECIALLY when I can see the my progress around the house!!
PROCRASTINATED TIME: 3.5 years before I have done ANYTHING to my bedroom
PACK-RAT COLLECTION: I've had this material for 2 years!!
VERDICT: This is a work-in-progress still and I have promised myself to have a room that I love to go into, rather then hate!
COST: $32 for the material and $23 for the trim. Total $55 for curtains, shams, and bed skirt!!

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Oh i love the beautiful after! Just plain beautiful!
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