Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Procrastinator Party- FINISHED DESK CHAIR

Today is the deadline for Melissa's Procrastinator Party...and I am happy to report I finished 4 days early!! I was so excited about this chair that it took me no time to finish. Funny how that works...When I am excited about a project it gets done faster...go figure!

Here is the finished chair!! The material is canvas paint drop cloth and the black trim I made from a left over material I had hoarded for several years!

One thing that challenged me were the OLD cushions. I approximate the cushions to be 40+ years old and they were a little deflated. Instead of buying a new cushion I wrapped the cushion in 2 diaper cloths (the best I could up with) and it gave it the fullness it needed. It was the perfect length and everything!! I got lucky!!

I got my daughter involved in finishing out the inside of the chair.

The finished inside compartment!!

The desk area is FINISHED!! This desk area is a combination of history. The chair belonged to my husband's Grandmother and the desk belonged to my Grandmother!! This area was destined to be GRAND!!

One last time... Here is the chair before...

After: LOVE IT!!

Thanks to my friend Karen for her advise!! I love that we can ask each other for decorating advise through email.

Thanks Melissa for hosting another Procrastinator Party!! It is right up my ally!!

ALSO: Tomorrow is my 100th post and I am having a give-away! Come back tomorrow to see what I am giving-away and enter to win!!


ButterYum said...

Fantastic after... much better!


Joanie @ The Bright Side said...

Excellent transformation! Love the chair and desk combo. I also loved seeing your daughter help. I think it is so great when the kids can help out on projects like this, they are always so pleased with themselves.

Wendy said...

wow I love it!
Couple of questions...
What kind of paint do you use and where do you get it
Do you sand the whole chair by hand? Or do you use primer??
Do you know where to find a good tutorial to reupholster/repaint furniture?
Thanks !!!
(emailwendyt (at) hotmail (dot) com)

cherry said...

Well that as Grand of a chair as I have ever seen !! Great job !
hugs, Cherry

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

That looks great! I don't think I've ever seen a chair with that kind of back. Dropcloths certainly do come in handy!

Anonymous said...

Great job, the chair looks really good now. It's so exciting and inspiring seeing everyone's reveals!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

WOWZERS! Great transformation!! So cute now! And you used diapers for a filler? LOVE that idea! LOL!

Katie said...

Oh the new chair does look fabulous with your desk! Great job!

Norma Lee @ Norma Lee Good said...

Much better! Love the color and the fabric.

Lauren said...

I love the chair! It is so great. And wait.... did you paint it black? Hehe.

"m" said...

What a lovely corner! I love how you incorporated "past" family pieces into your "today" home. Great use of diapers!

The Thompsons said...

LOVE the chair...I don't feel like I helped too much but you are very welcome...I like the idea of the drop cloth, easy to wipe down!