Monday, October 5, 2009

Party is Cancelled

Do you ever use a party/social gathering as motivation to finish all of those nagging projects?


My husband and I were using our 1st Annual Oktoberfest Party (you know celebration of the fall and beer) as partial motivation to finish up some projects around the house.

Then LIFE HAPPENED, we ended up canceling the party that was suppose to be this past weekend. We were really looking forward to the party and getting a bunch of our friends together. It has been 3 years since we have had a party, but we are not fortune tellers, and a week and a half before the party my baby boy got sick!

My baby ended up needing surgery and a staying the night in the hospital. No fear (now), the patient is doing wonderful, but since it was so scary we decided it would be best to cancel the festivities. We just had no idea how the week would unfold for him plus getting ready for a party seemed like a little bit much! I was a little sad about cancelling the party, but my son's wellness comes first. Although I would like everything else to slow down...contract agreements still exist. That left us with some of the house projects that were still on-going.
TWO of our nagging projects were the garage and the deck, but were SUPPOSE to be done by the party...

ONE of them we are doing ourselves....

The other one we PAID for someone to work on....

Guess which one is finished?


Don't get me wrong my husband is doing an awesome job on the garage and it is so close to being done, but like I said LIFE HAPPENS!!
Disclaimer:...we did not cancel the party because the garage looks like this!! My friends love me no matter what my garage looks like...I think!! We were just hoping for the added motivation to have all pieced together before the party. Oh Well!!
It will get done when it gets done...there is no rush now...


Lauren said...

WOW! The deck looks AMAZING! I still love you despite what your garage looks like. Are you going to hang the swing back up? If you put in a request Jim will make you a new one.

Katie said...

Wow what an amazing deck! I know how motivation can help, our basement that Brad was going to start finishing as soon as we moved in two years ago is only now getting a little bit done. I am so glad that your son is okay, how scary!