Friday, October 9, 2009

Underwear or Pumpkin Spice Candle

Yesterday I went to my local Kohl’s to pick up some necessary items for my family. Socks for my son, tights for my daughter, and underwear for myself. I was right on track, right on budget with no diversions, and heading to the check-out. Then I saw it…

Yankee Candle Spiced Pumpkin.

The perfect Fall Fragrance for your home!! I smelled it, added it to my cart…Continued to the front check-out, and 3 steps later I stopped dead in my tracks. I realized I was now over my budget and I had an impulse buy in my cart. Now any sane person would have put the candle back without thinking about it twice, because one stinking 22oz candle is as much as 3 pairs of underwear. Well, I am not normal….

This conversation in my head…

Sensible Maridith (SM)- Put the candle up, I do not need this
Impulse Maridith (IM)- But it smells so good and think how good it make the house smell
SM- Put up the candle!
IM- How about if I put up the underwear?
SM- It has been forever since I have bought underwear like embarrassingly too long
IM- How about if I put up 1 pair of the underwear and buy the smaller version candle?
SM- CRAP, now what do I do…that makes sense…

This was seriously the conversations I had in my head...

Underwear or Candle?

Is this really the path my life has taken??…Yes, and I love it and the choices I have to make… I chose the underwear.

Maybe this weekend I will make a Pumpkin Pie to fill my home with that wonderful aroma!


Cortni said...

kudos to you! I would have chosen the candle!! lol

Katie said...

Well geez Maradith, it's been longer than I realized since I've been by! I'm sorry. Thanks for popping by and for commenting on my play date post. You mentioned it was a lot of work, but actually that's the laid back one! We didn't do a whole lot so I wasn't even sure if I should post it, LOL. Anyway, they are more like play date holiday parties and have gotten bigger now that the girls can do more. They are fun!

PS: You are SO good! I think that candle would've jumped into my cart, but I am so BAD about that kind of thing like budget.

Lauren said...

Wow, you have such good restraint. I would've definitely gone for the candle. Maybe this is why we have so much crap to pack up!

Vivienne said...

I so would have listened to the compromise between SM and IM.... or I would have bought the candle and gone commando!