Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Comfort Food- Butterscotch Haystacks

The weather here in North Carolina has been just beautiful. Cool in the evening and warm in the afternoon. I have already broken out the crock-pot and have made some wonderful soup for my family.

Another Comfort Food for me is Butterscotch Haystacks. This is something my mother made for us and to me it is comfort food. I remember the pure joy I would feel when I would see these in the fridge!! It was like hitting the jack-pot!! Then me, my brothers and sisters would sneak into the kitchen to discreetly have some more without looking like we have eaten anymore, because mom kept count of how many we had eaten!! Wonderful memories!!

Yesterday my daughter and I would make some Butterscotch Haystacks. My daughter is the best helper and watching her and the excitement over making something, I wish I could bottle up and preserve!!
The ingredients are simple... Peanut Butter, Butterscotch Morsels, Cornflakes

I have no idea how much of each I use but melt the peanut butter and butterscotch chips together. Since I used all natural peanut butter (need to use it up because it tastes NASTY in a PPJ) I had to add butter (never had to do this when using Jif or Peter Pan) to make it more liquidity.

Add the cornflakes, coat to the best of your ability and place on cookie sheet in stacks!

About an hour later TRY not to eat all of them in one sitting!! I did catch my daughter in the fridge and she said she was "just looking" I just had to laugh to myself --tradition continues.

I should add I am a Baking Idiot so if I can make these anyone can!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to the grocery tomorrow and buying stuff to make me some Haystacks. YUM!

Jen R. said...

I could scarf all of those down in no time!

Vivienne said...

Gotta run! I'm going to try these right now. (I love that your traditions continue!)

Anonymous said...

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