Thursday, October 1, 2009

Monthly Craft Challenge

Today I am participating in Heidi's Monthly Crafty Challenge. I really needed this challenge to get my creative juices flowing. Sometimes I am nothing more then a copycat and I can not think outside of the exhibit A. However, as my mom said "Copying is the best for of flattery." I saw this and could not WAIT to make me 1000 of them!

Exhibit A:
I saw this NO SEW PUMPKINS on A Little Bit Vintage (consider this the best form of flattery.) She shows a wonderful tutorial on how to make these. I made these out of different textures fleece, muslin, and burlap. Fleece is the easiest to work with!! I did not have to buy a thing either. I am sure most crafters have all of these items in their home.

This is my new fall arrangement...Thank you A Little Bit Vintage!
It truly was so easy my 4 yr old daughter made some!! I am thinking GREAT teacher gifts. Plus you can add potpourri to make them extra nice!

Exhibit B:
My next project kind of evolved. My grandmother gave me some orange/red wreaths from her craft collection this summer. They were 2/$1.00 from Ben Franklin's (I am pretty sure that store is gone now, just to date these things) Then I printed "B-O-O" on scrapbook paper and since I didn't have ribbon I made my own.
I had some scrap material from a romper I made my son and made a ribbon strip.

This is what I came up with...

An added touch I hot glued different sized eyes on the black ribbon!! I think it is perfect and I can't believe I made Fall/Halloween Decor from stuff around my house!!
Go check out some other awesome projects at Heidi!! As an added bonus go and check out Xazmin and see her wonderful giveaway. She is participating in Heidi's challenge and then giving hers away!!


a little bit vintage said...

Thanks so much... and yes, I am flattered! ;) Yours turned super cute!


Vivienne said...

OK, those are all just too cute for words. I can't decide which I like better: the pumpkins or the little Boo wreaths.
The wreaths!
The pumpkins! Definitely the pumpkins!
Well maybe....

Krissy said...

LOVEing the BOO wreaths!!

Dawn said...

The boo wreath is too cute! I love how you just used stuff you had-those eyes on the ribbon are perfect!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Hi Maradith,

Thanks for joining in the craft challenge this month. I really like the fabric pumpkins. I also LOVE the idea of adding potpourri to the insides. Mmmm...that would smell yummy! I also love, love, love the BOO wreaths. You are so crafty and always think of the best ways to re-purpose things you already have around the house. I don't think I would have thought of using fabric in place of ribbon. Hello!? Genius! ;)

leanne said...

These are great! I love those sweet pumpkins.

Katie said...

That's so cool Maradith, I love the BOO wreath hanging. Plus those fabric pumpkins are so cute, I know the teachers would LOVE those.