Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Decor Brings up Fond Memories

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was wonderful. To be with my family, in my home is so unbelievably special to me!!

As for most women I LOVE having the opportunity to pull out the nice china, silver and crystal. Not only is it all beautiful, it brings back so many memories!! Ones that I love to reminisce about...

My china was started by my husband's Grandmother, Fitts, while we were dating. She had the foresight to start me on my pattern because she knew we would be married one day and she would most likely not be there. That was approximately 4 years before we finally got married (she was a wise woman.) Then many many people have contributed to our pattern for wedding gifts and/or Christmas gifts!
My silver was an anniversary gift from my Grandmommy. What a treasured, timeless gift! I am so lucky to have a full set of silver!! I love eating off it. As they say "Food always tastes better off of silver." I have to agree!

Lots of my accessories to the Lennox Holiday pattern my mom and dad have purchased for me over the years. These pieces are really the accent touches that pull it all together, some examples are the chargers and the napkin ring. There is LOTS more but I pull that out at Christmas.

I realized while eating dinner that I have lived in this house for almost 4 years, been married 8 years and it was the first time my parents had eaten with my fine china, my silver, and in my dining room. I am not sure why it took so long! I guess it has never worked out for them to be at my house for a holiday!!
My centerpiece was my fall centerpiece but I just added some Holly leaves and berries from the bushes outside.

Then my daughter had her hand (literally) in decorating our home. She made 20+ hand turkeys and stuck them all around the house.

More examples...

I am so thankful for my memories from the past & being able to create new ones!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Lauren said...

You dinning room table looks so beautiful. How much fun to be able to use all of your your fine china and sterling silver.