Monday, November 2, 2009

Final Touches for Halloween

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Ours was very nice. My grandmother drove up from SC to visit and my parents came down from VA. It was a very busy weekend but not too busy to throw in a few projects!!

Thursday evening I was looking through some friends Halloween pictures and saw they had the cutest personalized Treat-or-Treat Bags...and my kids had none...Oops a little bit of an oversight on my part.

At 10PM I decided that was going to change. I was going to make my kids some custom trick-or-treat bags. No problem. I've never appliqued...I'm not afraid!! A couple hours later....TA-DA!

This was my first attempt at applique and let me tell you I am hooked!! I won a give-away from Katie's Nesting Spot from You Can Make This and it had all of these wonderful applique projects. I didn't have time to read or attempt my hand at these complex projects. So I skimmed over the "How-to booklet" and just made my own templates and just went for it! I can totally see a lot more applique projects in my future!

My kids got to do a trial run on Friday and we went Trick-or-Treating in the Living room. Yep, they will work!

Here they are all done up for the big night!! W- is a dog "Butler" and L- is a cat- "Buster" my parents animals!

The fun didn't stop there. My wonderful and creative grandma rolled into town with her own project for the kids and everyone participated!!

Mamma II brought the supplies to make Chocolate-Peanut butter Spiders! YUMMY!

Here is our spooky spider!!

I hope everyone had a fun-filled Halloween!

BTW- Did anyone else heart start beating a little bit faster now that Halloween is over and Christmas is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!?!? Yikes!!


Lauren said...

The kids look so cute! Also their bags are awesome; great job. Glad the weekend was so fun. Yes
my heart is starting to beat a little faster in anticipation of preparing for Christmas. I need to get the baby's room dine by then.

gale said...

Lawson and Wes are so adorable in their costumes as well as their new bags I love Mama II's spiders! They aren't real, just very tasty I'm sure!


Norma Lee @ Norma Lee Good said...

Wow it looks like yall had so much fun! The kids will grow up with fond memories of Halloween.

The Thompsons said...

What do you mean by 'applique'?...Are you using some sort of adhesive or are you sewing around the edges?...I need a tutor session with you so I can learn all that my sewing machine can do!