Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Speed Bump...4 yr old's opinion

Recently I put together a Project Plan for all of my projects that I need to complete before Christmas...Yes, the Procrastinator has a project plan (Learned this from my days working with IT folks.) I was going full steam ahead this weekend until my observant four year old daughter started mingling through my sewing stuff.

Here is our conversation...

L: Mommy this material is beautiful, I love it. Are you making me something?
M: Yes, mommy is making you a nightgown for Christmas and I am going to make Wesley PJs out of this material (trucks and cars not flowers)
L: (with a look of disgust on her face) I am NOT wearing this for Christmas...this is NOT Christmas-y...
M: Well, I thought I would make you PJs that you could wear Christmas day that are new and then wear them throughout the winter...(make sense to me)
L: Mommy, I would make this for me now because it is cold now, and then make me and Wesley Christmas PJs that are red and green.

She might as well ended that conversation with a big fat "DUH!!!!" But she is not 12 yet...thank goodness!

I was ahead of the game but now I am right back where I started...except that Lawson has a beautiful new nightgown that she loves!

She has a point this isn't Christmas-y at all... but it sure is cute!

Go Flower Power!!

This pattern is from 1975! I was talking to my sister about this nightgown and I am pretty sure we both had a nightgown made out of this pattern. If I find a picture of her or me (thanks to my dad) I will be sure to post it.

Gotta go...Lots of sewing going on over here!!

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This Little Hen said...

This is too precious!I have a few vintage patterns that I just ADORE! Can't wait to see what else you come up with.