Monday, November 9, 2009

Do Something Nice for Yourself!

I am a mom of 2 wonderful children and I can totally see myself becoming my mother. Now that is a bad thing because my mom is wonderful and my mentor as a mother, but as her daughter I can see (or she has told me) what or how she wished she had done things differently. She was a young mother of 4 kids...all under the age of 5. She was really busy and the one thing has mentioned time and time again is


Her reasoning... kids are not always going to be sweet and nice, sometimes husbands miss the mark, so that really only leaves you doing something for yourself. It is so easy as moms to do nice things for everyone else, but us!! Why is that????

I am a busy mom, working from home, making kids clothes, dog collars, and client accessories that I often forget about little ol' me and my wants!

Last week I remembered my mother's words... I was making a customer pillows and said to myself "I want some new pillows in my den", I looked through my box of material and sure enough I had all of the supplies ... (I am a pack-rat remember and this has been in this box for over 2 years).

So here are 4 pillows for my customer...

And my 2 new pillows... not much but they are new and make me happy!

Too coordinate with my bay window

Doing something nice for myself felt good, and then hearing these words form my mother's mouth "Ahhh, good for you!! I am so proud of you" felt even better!! Thanks mom!!

Have you done something nice for yourself???

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Katie said...

You are soooo right, we do all need to slow down and do something for ourselves. I only have one kid and I still think that's something important to remember!

Does having Brad take ER grocery shopping while I laid in bed and read a novel count? I so needed to do dishes, fold laundry, etc. and I planned to do it all but...well all I wanted to do yesterday afternoon was read. So I did.