Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Preparing for Baby- Door Hanger

It is no secret, my sister is having a baby and I am excited!! Every time I turn around I see something else I would love to make her!! I got the idea one night to make her a Door Hanger with her bedding fabric. To make it EXTRA special I wanted to monogram it. Well, Auntie Maridith doesn't have Embroidery Machine so I had to come up with another alternative.

Trust me if you LOVE will want to read on....

I read how to do this originally on Neither Hip Nor Funky.

You use Plain old Freezer Paper that you buy at the grocery store. I printed the letter I wanted, cut it out, traced it on the dull side of the freezer paper and cut out the inside. Lots of cutting, but worth it.

I positioned it on the fabric, and pressed onto fabric. TIP #1 : Be sure your iron DOES NOT have water in it! TIP #2: If you do not like the placement after it is pressed you CAN remove the pattern and press again. You can do this up to 4 times!

Use regular acrylic paint mixed with Textile Medium and Paint! Do not use brush strokes...dab going up and down if you use brush strokes it can get under the paper! I waited until the paint was slightly dry to pull off. Here is the results. Perfect crisp lines!

I added trim and ribbon and it is FINISHED!!
Now let's hope when my sister and her husband meet their new baby her name will start with an "M" or they are out a really cool door hanger!!

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Elizabeth said...

I love it...Lauren is getting hooked up!