Thursday, November 19, 2009

Give Thanks- Fake Pumpkin

I have not been posting much because I have been working have been TOP SECRET. They have been presents to my #1 reader, my sister! She knows most of what I am making for her but I don't want her to see them until her Baby Shower this weekend! After the baby shower I will show you all the baby things I made her and peanut!
However, because I am slightly A.D.D, and get bored abnormally QUICKLY especially when cutting out and sewing 16 tiebacks for the crib bumper. I decided to make something for myself. I am selfish like that.

I decided to complete my "Pumpkin Project" that I saw on V-Spot Blog.

Here was my completed "Fake" Pumpkin. It already looks delicious.
I have seen where people have hand written on the pumpkins sweet notes "Be Grateful," "Give Thanks," or "Thankful." If I trusted my hand writing I would of done the same thing, but I don't. So I printed out some phrases and cut them out with fine little scissors. I was planning on doing "Be Grateful" but that was WAY to long and I wanted to continue to be "grateful" so I went with "Give Thanks."

Once cut out, I ended up going over the letters with a black marker just to cover any white that was showing. I used Mod Podge to glue it on the pumpkin.
Then I added a ceramic dish and fake leaves. Here is my finished pumpkin.

I love having this simple display as a reminder of all the things I am so thankful for!!


Elizabeth said...

The pumpkin looks great! Can't wait to see Lauren's goodies.

gale said...

Maridth, the pumpkin is just outstanding! Way to go!