Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas Gifts - Hooded Towels

I am totally ahead of the game...on one project at least.

In February I made my daughter this Hooded Towel. It is her favorite towel by far because it covers up all of her when she gets out of the tub. Unfortunately, there is only one so when it is dirty she has to use either a grown up towel or a baby towel. Not cool!

Original Hooded Towel for Lawson...

Then there is my son who is not a baby anymore (sniff, sniff) and has quickly outgrown the baby towels too!!One of my kids presents this year is new Hooded Towels. Custom made by their mommy!! I got the directions from Skip to My Lou.To accommodate my growing children' needs I made them both Hooded Towels for Christmas.

I don't have a model because they are presents but here is the finished 'W' Towel.

My second project doing applique. Tip: Appliqueing on a towel...not exactly easy!
Then I made Lawson a towel with her initial. Hubby is not a fan because he says it looks like a Clemson towel...Our blood run red for NCSU in this household, but Lawson's favorite color is purple and the ribbon was a last minute add.
Then the presentation. It took me forever to figure out how to fold these towels because it is not a perfect square, but with a little trial and error I figure it out.

Here is one all ready to wrap up... (which probably won't be done until Dec 24th)

BTW- did you notice where I got the initial material from???? Hooded Towels with matching PJs!!! How lucky are my kids???


Elizabeth said...

I have to agree with Collins...looks like clemson to me too. I love the applique.

JennyMac said...

Those are SO cute! What a great job.