Monday, April 20, 2009

Vending Event- Apron

Last week all I did in my free time was prepare for my first vending event with The Other Kid (custom dog collars and leashes). That is why I didn't post too much last week...did you miss me?
To say I was nervous about the our event, Bark Around the Park, is an understatement. My nerves kept me from being able to sit still very long and it kept me motivated to accomplish everything on my 'to do list.' Besides Pregnancy Energy, Nervous Energy is second best!!! I wanted to share with you one of the items I made for our event this weekend.

To keep us unique and different I made us aprons....

I got this 1 hour apron pattern from Stop Staring and Start Sewing. It is a good thing it was a hour pattern, because I waited until Friday night to make these (when will I ever learn?) I made a couple changes to the pattern. First, I did not make the ties as long because I was not interested in it tying in the front. Second, I added a pocket to the right and embellished it with the turquoise material. Then I printed out our Logo on printable material and sewed it to the pocket as well. Too bad my ink cartridge was running low or it would of been turquoise and brown. Oh well!!

The wonderful thing about this pattern is you can use scrap material to make this. Plus, it keeps overhead low, keeps us unique, and is very cute!!!

Thank you to those that wished me well on our event this weekend. I am pleased to say it went really really well. Our collars were very well received, we had good sales, and met some really nice people!!

Next post I will show you how our banner sign turned out for our event.


Vivienne said...

Cute cute cute! I can totally relate to the last minute stuff... that's when the best ideas come or you finally figure out how to do the one that's been rattling around in your head!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

What a fun apron! I love that even though you waited until the last minute, you still were able to pull it off! I sure wish I knew how to sew!

Katie said...

I am always so last minute too, at least you didn't freak out and end up not doing something like I sometimes do! The aprons came out really cute, and I like how they coordinate with your banner. It's all very matchy matchy which I love.