Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Little Boys Don't Do Pink!!

God has blessed me and my husband with a daughter and son. We truly count our blessings everyday that we have one of each sex and they are so healthy. That being said, my kids have a cheap-cheap mommy, which means some staple baby items that are gender specific are used by both. For example, pink baby bath towels, pink blankets, pink sippy cups & pink strollers. All items listed are used by my son and it doesn't phase me for the most part. But there is one item that my son uses that epitomizes my cheapness and that is the pink stroller.

Little guy hugging on his sister's pink blanket!

The story of the Pink and Black Stroller

When we had my daughter we chose not to find out if she was a boy or girl, so everything we received like big ticket gifts were very neutral. Perfect!! Having everything green and yellow didn't bother me, but as she came into her own she was so girl-y BUT she had no hair. Some people would say "Oh HE is so cute", it didn't matter if she was in all pink she was still called a he!! My response was always the same "He is a she" and would move on. Well, one day I decided to break free from my sensible side, and bought my daughter a pink and black stroller. I was so proud of this pink and black stroller for my daughter it just made me giddy to push her around. I think it was more for me then her, but still, it was something that should only be used for a girl and I loved it...2 years ago.

Now, I hate this stroller. Why? I am embarrassed to say I have been sporting my son around in a pink and black stroller since he was 8 months and I cringe inside every time I use it. I would cover the pink back with a diaper cloth to hide the large area of pink (pictured below), but the pink trim just screams pink to me. No one has ever said anything about my little boy and a pink stroller but I can see it in their eyes!! How cruel am I ??? Throw practicality out the window "Little Boys Don't do Pink" I know, call me petty I don't care. he is 15 months old and it is time for me to do something about it!!

I thought about selling it, taking the money and buying a new one, but I would still have to shell out an additional $40-$50 for a new one. I could buy a used one after selling this one, but the process of finding a used one would be too time consuming. Then I had an idea. It was a little crazy, maybe even stupid, and beyond cheap, but I decided to paint the pink trim and make a new headrest cover. I figured if it didn't work, oh well I tried!!

I took one more picture of the pink and black stroller for old time sakes. Then my daughter and I started painting!!

After: A one-of-a-kind NCSU stroller!!
How did I do it? I used black paint (have lots around), mixed in some Textile Medium (had some of that around too, not sure why) and started painting all of the pink trim black.

The cover is made out of some left over material I bought for baby gifts. Go NCSU!!

Cost: Nothing!!

Saved: $40-$50

Verdict: No more pink and black stroller for my little boy!! No more cringing!! Yeah!! I even like the stroller again. I just wish it had a cup holder. Oh Well.


Xazmin said...

I love it! When I was reading your post (before reaching the conclusion) I was gonna say...paint it!

Great minds think alike, eh?

I've given you an award on my blog!

Jill said...

It looks great! I can't believe you were able to do that with paint.. I am not crafty at all!

Alicia said...

OKay... I just had to laugh out loud (literally) because my SON had the SAME STROLLER!!! It was a hand me down... Classic. Wish I would have thought to re-do it!!!

Vivienne said...

I love it!!! Doesn't paint make everything better?

(And bacon. Bacon makes everything better, too!)

miss said...

Good idea!