Thursday, April 2, 2009

Hair Bow Challenge

9 time out of 10 if you see a picture of my daughter, Lawson, she has a beautiful hair bow in her hair. These suckers are expensive but worth every penny. Well, as the budget continues to get tighter and tighter the "need" for bows gets less and less. So I am left with two options A) no more bows or B) make them myself. Since I am always up for a challenge, and will try anything once, I voted for Option B.

Here is my first hair bow

Don't laugh!! I tried. I used the ribbon I bought for Lawson's newest pillowcase dress and the rick rack from the shorts outfit I made her.

I thought it turned out okay for a first timer. These suckers are tricky and I needed and extra set of hands (hubby's) to get the bow on right.

Like every thing, practice makes perfect OR I should just save my money and just buy them. There are some wonderfully talented women out there who make gorgeous hair bows. I am not sold this is something I have potential to be really good at. I can tell this because my mind is not racing on all of the wonderful designs I can make (unlike mod podge). I might just leave this to the experts!!

Procrastination time:I have wanted to make my daughter hair bows since she got hair about 2 years ago.

Pack-Rat Collection: None, everything is new or recycled from hair bows that have fallen apart

Verdict: My daughter will wear this hair bow and for my first attempt I think I did okay. I might try again, but will be saving my money to buy her bows!!

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Avery & Hailey said...

I think you did great. I found some extra ribbon and need to practice. I'm hoping mine will look close to this...

Good job!