Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sister is in Town!!

My sister is in town this week so I have been off having fun with her!!! So during the day we are playing with the kids, eating (lots), and enjoying each other's company.

Lawson and Aunt Lauren

This week I am preparing for my first vending event with The Other Kid, we make custom dog collars & leashes. My partner and I are super excited and lots of things need to be done.

Just a sample of what we make!

So I have gotten my sister in on the action to prepare for this weekend. I am making a sign that says "The Other Kid" and we worked on that all night. I thought it was so much fun. I said to my sister. "Isn't this fun being creative?" She said "I don't like being creative as much as you do!!" (she is honest) at least we were together & she is a good sport!!

Thank you little sis!!

I will show you my finished product once I am done. These banner signs are not as easy as they look, but they really do look cute when put together.

After the event this weekend I have lots of things up my sleeve. Come on back!! Have a great week!!


Vivienne said...

The Other Kid... What a perfect moniker for a pet business!! Brilliant. Good luck this weekend.

Katie said...

How fun, what a clever name too. We don't have a dog or I'd order one for sure! Good luck at your event and I can't wait to see the finished banner.

The Thompsons said...

I know what you mean about the banners...I just finished one for my son's room....after the 100th triangle...I thought I was going to lose it...but it will look cute hanging in his new bedroom along the ceiling!