Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Basket Dilemma

Well, if you haven't heard Easter is 3 days away and it wasn't until I read Katie's Nesting Place post that realized- I DO NOT HAVE AN EASTER BASKET FOR MY SON!!! What kind of mother am I??? One that waits until the last minute (procrastinator) and didn't order the matching "boy" version Easter basket from Pottery Barn that I had ordered my daughter years ago.

This is my son's 2nd Easter. Last year he was 3 months old...cute but didn't need a basket!!

This year is different, he is a toddler and NEEDS an Easter Basket!!

As I tossed back and forth in my mind what I could come up with for my son, I was coming up empty!! Then today, I had one of my dearest friends over for lunch and was explaining my dilemma of no Easter Basket for Wesley, when my 3 year old daughter piped up and said "Mommy, I made Wesley an Easter basket at school. He can use that one, I told you that." As I sat in shock, my heart filled up with pride at the same time. My little girl is giving her brother her Easter Basket she made!!!!
Here is my son's Easter Basket this year....

How sweet and cute is this? They took a gallon milk jug, cut out the top and side- leaving the handle. Then stabled ears and the bunny face on there. It is perfect for this year and means so much more then something I could of picked up last minute!


My daughter the little mommy and problem solver!!

Happy Easter Everyone!!
Hope you all got everything on your "To Do List" done. If not, don't sweat the small stuff, it is being with family and remembering why we celebrate Easter that is most important!!


The Stylish House said...

This is the best Easter story I have heard in a long time. Give you two beautiful children an extra cuddle for me. Happy Easter to you and your sweet family. ~Cathy~

Vivienne said...

That. Is. PRECIOUS!!!!

Katie said...

That's great, I love it. Plus how much more special to have one made by your daughter! What a sweetheart to be thinking of her baby brother!

Xazmin said...

That is so sweet! What a darling. I hope you and your family have a beautiful Easter!


angie said...

LOVE the solution! Happy Easter.

This Little Hen said...

You are SO not alone. I remembered 3 days ago that Easter was this weekend and dont have a baskey yet for my 13 month old daughter... I wish a had a 3 year old to save me, but alas I am still stumped!