Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I have been featured on Tip Junkie!!

Yesterday was my crowing moment since I started this blog 3 months ago. I have been featured on Tip Junkie.

I was wondering why I was getting some comments on an old post for Easter Decorations for $0 and realized I was featured today on Tip Junkie!!

I almost jumped out of my skin when I saw my dining room table on her blog! I have been reading Laurie's blog since I started my family blog (2 years ago) and always thought to myself "Wouldn't it be cool to be featured," and now I have!! To think I have been featured with some of the most talented women makes me speechless (very hard too do).

Makes me think...maybe I should quit this blog and leave on a high note. Ha! Just kidding, I am just getting started. I still have a house full of unfinished projects needing my attention (that I have procrastinated on too long), ideas stewing in my head from all of the countless hours I spent daydreaming in a cube, and thousands of ideas I want to complete that I have seen online. This is only the tip of the iceberg!!

My little blog has done wonders for me. It keeps me motivated, keeps me real, and is my creative outlet!! Plus, I love, Love, LOVE the thought that I inspire others. I have enjoyed meeting other bloggers who are like me, or the bloggers I can learn from!! Blogland has opened a whole world of creative potential for me and I don't plan on leaving it yet.

Thanks, Laurie for featuring me!!

I also got a sweet note from BrooklynAlizabeth ,a chic boutique, that she also posted about my Easter arrangement on her blog. 2 in one day. Does it really get any better???


Smilingsal said...

Congratulations! You've made it!

Thanks for dropping in to see my front door.

michelle said...

Yo go girl! I'm hoping to get some more easter decor posts once my house gets back in order! The entire house is being retextured and repainted! What a mess! My daughter and I are currently sitting on my bed; the only place to sit!

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

I saw this yesterday on Tip Junkie and immediately knew where it was from! Congrats on being featured! It's such an adorable arrangement.

Katie said...

That's wonderful, isn't it fun to get all the increased traffic? I still get hits all the time from Tip Junkie and it's been awhile since I sent her anything. I just could not get it together in time for Easter!

Jill said...

Way to go! Congratulations Maridith!

Nancy said...

Hi Maridith, Congrats on your feature!!! Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit yesterday! Please come back anytime!!!!
Looks like you have a wonderful blog here, so I am going to look around a little!
Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend. Nancy

abnsigoslady said...

Congratulations. I love the Easter tree. Putting the idea in my file for next year. Thanks. Laura

angie said...

Yahoo! What an honor........although, you deserved it. Your egg tree is fabulous. So are the nest eggs!