Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finished Banner

I have a side business called The Other Kid and it is very important to my partner and me to keep the overhead low. For our vending event we needed a sign for our booth but didn't want to pay lots of money for one. I wasn't about to borrow my daughter's markers, but the thought crossed my mind. I had seen these all over the Internet beautiful banners made out of either scrapbook paper or material and thought it would be perfect!!!

For less then $5.00 we had a banner for our booth.

Challenges: Letters. I didn't know where to buy the letter templates!! I traced letters from the computer on white paper, cut them out, then traced them the scrapbook paper and cut them out again!! The other issue was spacing. I was expecting our table to be 8' rather then 6', so we did have to space the letters a little close.

These are super cute just not the fastest. Big THANKS to my sister for her help!

I think being a creative thinker is very beneficial as a small business owner!!


Vivienne said...

So cute! Being a creative thinker always comes in handy, but in business it sure can help you get a leg up on your competition.
I hope your event went well!

Elizabeth said...

It looks great. Hope the show went well.

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

The banner looks fabulous! I think it really stands out and gives the table some flair. I definitely would have made my own, too!

We have a local scrapbook store that does die cut letters from a machine, so you can choose any font, style, etc. and for $.25 a letter (you provide the paper or buy it) they will laser cut it for you! This is what I've used in the past when I needed large-sized letters.

Katie said...

Your banner came out so nicely! I love the blue and it stands out so nicely. I would've had to resort to tracing and cutting out templates from my computer too. Yes that's time consuming but at least it's custom and you got exactly the right size. Hope you hands - and your sister's too recover soon from all the cutting!