Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Pajamas- My Daughter was RIGHT!!

If you have been a follower of my blog you know I had tried to get a handle on my Christmas projects back in October/November. One project I had completed was Pj's for my daughter and son, however they were not Christmas pattern just and everyday pattern so we could wear them during the whole season. Makes sense to me!! Well, my daughter, 4yrs old, got a whiff of what I was doing and put her foot down that these PJ's were NOT Christmas-sy enough and she was not going to wear them.


Do you see this face...she is saying this is NOT CHRISTMAS-SY!! More like Flower Power!!

My son who is happy in most anything could care less what he wears Christmas morning!


My daughter was right!! I needed to make Christmas PJ's and I am SO GLAD I did!!

With a little staging...

Oh I am so looking forward to my kids coming down the stairs in their coordinating PJ'S Christmas morning!!

Can you tell they are excited?????

I am pretty sure my kids are going to get coordinating pajamas until they go off to college. Okay maybe that is a little extreme. A better idea, maybe next year I will make my husband and me matching pajamas too!! Oh he is one lucky man!! Haha!!


Jill said...

The PJs are adorable. Your kids are so lucky to have such a talented mom!

Lauren said...

They look so cute in their matching PJs. Lawson is very insightful. I love looking back at the pictures of us kids wearing matching PJs on Christmas; the kids will cherish these moments.

Let me know how matching PJs goes with the hubs! Haha.

This Little Hen said...

In my family, the children wear matching PJ's and the so do all the ladies! It is such a fun tradition!

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