Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Tunic Top that can't wait...

As any good mom I did not pull out the notes, flier, and artwork that were sent home from my daughter's pre-school during Thanksgiving Break until the morning of her first day back to school. I see her beautiful Thanksgiving artwork, oops that would of been nice to display during Thanksgiving...oh well, next year. I see her her worksheets practicing her letters and I see the December Calendar of Events.

It catches my eye that on December 2nd is Christmas Spirit Day "Wear Christmas Colors"

To most that would not be a big deal, just pick something out of the closet that is red or green. HOWEVER, on my Christmas Project Plan #31 was "Make Lawson a Pillowcase Tunic Top." Which happens to be for this VERY PURPOSE! Guess what got moved up VERY QUICKLY!! That left me 2 days to complete.
Dang people for being so on the ball!! You make me look bad!!

Luckily, I had the material, a 1/2 yd remnant my grandmother gave me this summer, so all I had to do was buy the green ribbon for $2.
Here is the finished Tunic Top. It is a Pillowcase dress that could fit a 18mo old as well (don't tell her that or she will not wear it anymore.)
Here you can see the length really well.

#31 on my Christmas Project Plan is complete!!! Hopefully nothing else catches me off guard this Holiday Season, but if it does oh well!! I refuse to stress over the small stuff this year! Or that is what I am telling myself....


Lauren said...

The Christmas tunic top is so cute! You somehow manage to get everything done just in time. I don't know how you think straight sometimes. The kids are so lucky to have you as a mom. When Lawson grows out of her top we will be happy to use it as a dress next year.;)

Jill said...

I love the top and Lawson looks so cute wearing it. You are so talented!

Elizabeth said...

hmm...if that was #31, how many items are on your list? I love the top...super cute!