Monday, December 21, 2009

Because I sew that's why...

And because I can...I am ALL ABOUT COORDINATING! I love Kelly's Kids and Rags Lands coordinating clothes for both genders. I could dress my kids like that everyday, but because money is limited I don't. Well, one perk of sewing...I can now have my Coordinated children...without the cost!!

Here are my children in their coordinating Christmas pajamas!!

Then we have my 5 yr Tree Skirt. I loved it so much!!

I had a few moments on my hand and made a matching hand towel
THEN just because I am no "Baking Diva" but I can pretend during the holidays I made a Christmas Apron!!!
But wait! My daughter loves to cook too!! Here is her matching apron!!

Finally, my favorite projects this season... The kids matching Christmas outfits. Made with 100% love!! I am all about appliqueing things this year!! It really gives it the boutique feel if you ask me!! I need to read some instructions- but I am the type who learns as I go!! I appliqued a hand drawn candy cane on my daughters dress.

Here is my son's jumper!! I made the pattern from tracing an old jumper and sizing it to Wesley.

Then appliqued coordinating Candy Canes to match his sister!!

I would of loved to get pictures of them both in their outfits before Christmas but it didn't work out that way!! Oh well, you get the idea!!
My point...when you create things yourself you can afford to have things match and coordinate! Hehe!!!


Katie said...

I love all your matchy matchy outfits and home accessories. You are so right, that's why it's great to be able to create your own! That's why I want to learn how to sew, but my machine is still rather dusty. I think maybe I'll look into classes this year. I think I've reached as far as self taught is going to get me.

The Mumpowers said...

So cute! I love the aprons. We just ordered a sewing machine yesterday (I've never had one) and I'm excited to try and make something. Anything, really. lol I just wanted to let you know that I have an award for you over at my blog! :)

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