Thursday, December 10, 2009

Curtains are Done!!

It has been a busy busy times here, getting the house ready for the holidays, all the festivities, Christmas Cards, etc... athen on top of that I am working on some custom curtains for a customer. The same customer I made these for. I have to say I was really nervous about the constructions of these curtains. This was a total of 11 yards of material (face material and lining) to make these 72" wide curtains!! Doesn't that seem excessive??? But I used every foot of that material only leaving scraps!

They are done and I hope she is as pleased as I am with them!!

Dining Room Curtains

As an added touch she had me make a matching table runner.
Now that I have completed these I feel like a huge burden has been lifted off my shoulders. I can really begin to enjoy working on all of my holiday crafts and projects!!


This Little Hen said...

It is all beautiful! Is there a certain pattern you used?

Maridith said...

Hi This Little Hen-

I used McCalls 3561 View D.

The funny thing is it says 2 Hours each! That is a total lie! It took me 2 hours to cut out the material!!

Elizabeth said...

They are beautiful! I'm sure she loves them.

Lauren said...

The curtains look amazing! I'd like some for my house. Can I put my order in now? ;)

gale said...

Maridith, you should have an online boutique! You are a born sewer woman! This job is just gorgeous! Fitts would be so darn proud of you! I can hear her now, "Lord have mercy!" You, Mama II, and Fitts would have made a great trio! I am just so proud of you!