Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to Preschool Preparation

Today was a big day in our home! Lawson had her first day back to Preschool.

In preparation for her big day she had the perfect outfit...

I made her this skirt for her first day!

It make my heart smile to see how proud she is of the clothes I make her. She got lots of compliments and she said proudly "My mommy made my skirt!" That's my girl!! The best part of this skirt- it was FREE! I got the shirt at Target for $3.00 (on sale) and splurged on good shoes for the school year (very important).

I got the material and pattern from my grandma's collection. I love scrap material! The bag that the material came in says "How much did you save today?" I thought that was ironic!!

Then to make a first good impression Lawson and I made cookies for her teacher and office assistance. I am not the best cook but these are awesome & easy!

Yep, everyone over at her school thinks I am a Domestic Diva (haha).... They think I make my kids clothes and I bake....Wow, I have them fooled, I figure...what they don't know won't hurt them!!

Cheers to the new school year!


michelle said...

But you made that skirt! I might cook, but I dont sew! I do wish the Whopper cookies had a little bit more "whopper flavor" in them! Maybe i'll experiment....

JennyMac said...

Great pics! And you made that? Fab.