Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Show Must Go On...

Dealing with the loss of my dear dog, Chewy, has been a challenge. Chewy was apart of our family for 10.5 years you don't get over a loss overnight! Then a week and a day after his death our house was indirectly hit by lightening, which caused a power surge and we lost our A/C upstairs, our Internet/phone and a few outlets. It has been a mess to get everything fixed. Fortunately for me, I missed the hottest weekend in NC by going up to Philly for my cousin's wedding. It was my family and in-laws that had to camp downstairs for 3 nights. Can't say I am sorry I missed that one!!

This is me with my expecting Sister (It was really hard to find a picture of me without a beer)

Me with my cousin, the groom!

I think my husband secretly hates me because I was partying while he was miserably hot...can't say I blame him. Oh Well, life goes on, he will get over it one day!

One week later we are sitting pretty, we have Internet/phone, A/C and, working circuits and we are better off then we were a week ago (in some ways, less the $$$ we have spent). Like my mom says "If all your problems can be fixed with money, you really don't have any problems" Mom really does know best!!!
Then as they say in Show business "The show must go on." I am working on this little project for upcoming football season. I live in a college town and there is one thing about the South we love College Football!! I am working on selling these...
Romper Dresses and Pillowcase Dresses
Boy Rompers
And because not everyone in NC is a State Fan, I will make some with these colors too!!!
That is it from here!! Have a great week!!


Elizabeth said...

I doubt you'll be able to keep up with the demand for the 'other' colors!

Avery & Hailey said...

I want those me the prices! Love them!!!!

And I will forgive you for using the same sewing machine to sew wolf-ware and tarheel-ware.


Lisa said...

I would love to purchase the NCSU pillow dress if you are selling them. We loved the Easter pillow dress you made for us!