Monday, August 17, 2009

A Luxury that Does Not cost a Dime...

Just a little bit of time!

I have always said if I was a multi-millionaire I would have someone change my sheets every day so I could sleep in clean, crisp sheets EVERYDAY!! That would be like heaven to me!!

Realizing that is most likely never going to happen, I needed to alter my expectations.


It was when I was on the phone with my sister (and changing my sheets) I said to her for the millionth time my dream wish. She said "Why don't you iron your pillowcases for starters?"

BRILLIANT!!! (it is those baby hormones that make her so smart)

I got out the good ole iron and ironed my pillowcases. It took me 10 minutes.

To say I was excited to go to bed that night was an understatement. I laid in the bed with my hubby and said "do you notice anything new?" Stupid me for asking a man. He looked me over realizing I was wearing nothing new and of course said no. I pointed to the sheets and he said "oh you washed the sheets, thanks" Still nothing...I said "I ironed the pillowcases, isn't it nice?" My hubby's response "Really???" Again, stupid me for asking...

Men just don't get it, as for me, I slept like a QUEEN!!! There is something to be said about clean crisp sheets!!

Seriously, Iron your pillowcases!!! You won't regret it!!

Now, I just need to work on getting matching pillowcases and I will be set. Somehow over the years I have lost matching pillowcases just like socks...go figure!

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Lauren said...

I'm glad you slept well! I'm about to change our sheets and am going to iron our pillowcases too!