Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Walls are coming down: It's DONE!!

It's DONE!! (I feel like Mater from Cars) when I say that!!

My hubby has completed our picture window between our kitchen and den. He is the best at finishing a project. Unlike myself no grass grows under his feet. Thanks babe, you are the best!




One other small change. I changed the color of the wainscoting on the peninsula to the color of the den. I thought it would help me like the kitchen color more....it doesn't! However, I like the added punch in the kitchen! I will paint the kitchen walls one day just not right now.
Wesley wants to be like his daddy!! He is the best little helper.

Verdict: I love it!! The fact that I can see who comes in and out of our garage door (used 99% of the time) while I am in the kitchen makes a world of difference. I know as the kids get older this will be even much more beneficial!! Plus, we have another place to eat, a place to set stuff out when we entertain (we never do but maybe we will start now), and our kitchen looks bigger!! It is a win win!!
We still need to buy bar stools but that is our anniversary gift to each other in July. Now I have lots of accessorizing to do. I am working on that this week!! Plus, I am working on July 4th outfits (yes I am cheesy like that), and my guest bathroom!!! See you all later and thanks for your support!!


Avery & Hailey said...

I love it!!! Look fantastic!!

Vivienne said...

As long as you don't look like Mater, you're OK.

The transformation is fantastic!! It looks amazing, and I love that Wesley is such a cute little helper!

LoveMy2Dogs said...

I am envious of your colors. I am slowly changing up things in my house with warmer colors. We we bought our house everything was "Off white" I hate that color.

Great job, it looks wonderful!!

The Rambler said...

Looks fantastic!!

Your husband did a great job :)

Is he for hire?

Bear Bunch said...

Looks great!

Katie said...

I love the shelf/ledge it will be so fun accessorizing!